Josiah PreeceJosiah PREECE was born 3 September 1850, at Tipton, Staffordshire, England, to John PREECE and Sarah OAKLEY. He married Mary OAKLEY on 1 August 1873, in West Bromich, Staffordshire, England. Josiah & Mary arrived in Australia about 1878/79 [probably Sydney] with children Samuel, Hannah and [possibly] John Thomas, who was born in 1878. Sons William and Arthur were both born in Balmain, NSW. Three more children were born in Victoria, Ethel May, Charles Wallace and David.

After the death of his wife Mary in 1917, Josiah married Harriet SHEARER (Widow of James SHEARER ) in 1921. Josiah Preece died on 3 March 1927.

Mary OAKLEY was born on 31 August 1853, in Tipton, Staffordshire, England, to Thomas OAKLEY and Mary ?.  She died at Coburg on 14 November 1917.

We are seeking the English descendants of John and Sarah PREECE, and of Thomas and Mary OAKLEY, do you have any information ?

Samuel PREECE b. 28 August 1874, married Annie McCLUSKY in 1899. The had three children: Sydney Arthur, b. 1900 d. 1912; James Thomas, b.1901; Elizabeth Lilla, b. 1909. Samuel Preece died in St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne, on 27 August 1922.

Hannah PREECE b. 21 September 1876, married Alfred James WATSON in 1896. They had four children: Alfred R., b. 1897; Herbert, b.1898; Elsie May, b. 1900; Thelma Lillian, b. 1912. Hannah Watson died at Coburg in 1917.

John Thomas PREECE b. 1878, never married. He died at West Footscray on 25 June 1948.

William PREECE b. 4 July 1881, married Florence LADD in 1906. He died in St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne on 9 Sep 1946. Cause of Death: Verdict at inquest held in Melbourne on 25 September 1946 -- Injuries accidentally received when he fell from a horse drawn lorry.

Arthur PREECE b. 11 September 1884, married Gertrude Margaret Maria WOOD in 1916. They had one child. Arthur died at Heidelberg on 30 September 1949.

Ethel May PREECE b. 5 May 1888 never married. She died at Brunswick in March 1929.

Charles Wallace PREECE b.7 October 1892, married Norma May LORIMER in Scot's Church, Geelong West on 18 April 1925. They had one child: Maxwell Lindsay, b. 18 March 1934. Charlie died in Geelong Hospital on 6 May 1959.

David PREECE b. 7 March 1894, married Christina Maud LALAND in 1916. They had three children. David died at Brunswick on 10 January 1956.

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