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We specialize in the supply of quality construction products from fischertechnik. Many different kits are available - see fischertechnik pricelist for details. A range of software is available for the fischertechnik interface units. Software now available for the 500995 ROBO TX Controller, the new 522429 TXT Controller and the 139308 (or 147225) ROBO LT Controllers operating through a USB port.

ROBO Pro software for Windows XP, Vista, 7...
for the 93293, 93294, 500995, 139308 & 147225
A graphical programming language, with many new
features such as webcam video control of interface!

fischertechnik designer software with animation!
This is a CAD/CAM~ style package that's easy to use.
See below to download a FREE demo copy.
Highly recommended for sharing your ideas!


ROBOPRO software - version 3 demo
for LT, TX & TXT interfaces.
demoen.zip (7.2MB)
fischertechnik designer software demo
CAD/CAM~ version 1.11
software (33MB)
manual.pdf (866kB)
fischertechnik designer .ftm examples
includes many animated models!
ftdesign.zip (147kB)

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~CAD means Computer Aided Design and CAM - Computer Aided Manufacture