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Procon Technology can supply the following alkaline and NiMH batteries and battery chargers. Please see prices below and for quantity or bulk pricing - email us. In Australia, call 03-98306288 now to buy!

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The Vanson Instant Power Rechargeable NiMH batteries offer one of the best "value-for-money" in LSD or Low Self Discharge batteries. These batteries retain 85% of their charge after 12 months! Available in AA size with 2300mAh capacity and AAA size with 900mAh capacity they are ideal for "high-discharge" applications such as in digital cameras and flashes. Note, because of their higher output voltage, the Vanson AA batteries are equivalent to standard 2,700mAh batteries in devices such as digital cameras! They are also useful in high-use applications such as LED torches and computer game remotes such as Wii and universal remote controls. VANSON are an environmentally friendly battery which can be recharged up to 1,000 times (accellerated cycle tests show that these batteries last twice as long as standard NiMH batteries). They work well at low temperatures and their price and capability makes them ideal for a wide range of applications. Available in packs of 4 x AA or 4 x AAA size batteries. VANSON batteries offer better "value-for-money" (especially in AAA) than Sanyo "eneloop" or Varta "Ready2Use" batteries.

STOP PRESS: The VANSON LSD (Low Self Discharge)^ NiMH batteries in AA and AAA sizes work straight from the pack! For devices that require C and D size batteries try a battery converter! LSD batteries retain their charge over much longer periods (after 12 months they still have more than 85% of their capacity left whereas other NiMH batteries are often dead flat after 3 months) We are now recommending that you buy these. Our tests in the Creative TX MP3 player show they lasted 12 hours straight from the pack and up to 16 hours when re-charged! My experience suggests that these batteries will last longer (are more reliable) than standard NiMH batteries, indeed the fact that some manufactures of these batteries say that you can recharge them 1,500 times is an indication of this! There are many brands of LSD NiMH batteries available now but we believe that VANSON Instant Power Rechargeable represents the best value-for-money as we have used 100's of these in battery packs over the last few years and NOT ONE battery has tested faulty or failed unless it was seriously abused!

^To illustrate how good the new LSD batteries are, I've installed 5 x AAA LSD NiMH batteries into my old Nokia 3810 mobile phone 4 years ago! These get charged almost daily and they have performed fantastically!!!! I have only recently replaced the eneloop batteries with a set of VANSON batteries.

PRICE LIST.........current until 30th June, 2017AUD$+GSTNOTE
VA-AAA, Ni-MH AAA battery 4 pack (C900AAA)... 900mAh$12.00$13.20.
VA-AA, Ni-MH AA battery 4 pack (C2300AA)... 2300mAh
.............. better than Sanyo eneloop with Low Self Discharge
VA-4922, 9V Varta 'High Energy' alkaline - bulk pack of 12$24.00$26.40pdf
MD096C, 7.2V to 9.6V NiCd & NiMH battery pack charger
.................240VAC with crocodile clip leads!
XC-3510, USB multi-charging kit + 15 adapters - 50% off!$9.00$9.90.

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Payment may be made by debit or credit card (AMEX, VISA or MASTERCARD) by PHONE, FAX or MAIL (or email at your own risk). AUD$ prices are Australian dollars. Note, these are EXPORT prices. For delivery within Australia please add 10% GST (use +GST column). For current exchange rates click here. For an order form that you can print out and fax or mail to us - click here.

Delivery charge within Australia $11 any quantity ($16.50 for express). Delivery to all overseas destinations: P.O.A. (ask us). EX-GST purchases may only be made when the delivery address is outside of Australia. i.e. for EXPORT orders. Prices subject to change without notice.

Alkaline battery leakage: All batteries can leak - not just alkaline! It is therefore always recommended that if you are not using a device (e.g. torch, remote control) for a long period of time that you remove the batteries. When a 'good quality' alkaline battery leaks it first appears to have a discolouration around the metal terminals (sometimes under the jacket and, when the H2O evaporates, a white powder appears). Look out for this and always dispose of these batteries (thoughtfully). In my experience the worst batteries are Duracell*, which will leak a liquid everywhere inside a device which will then require extensive cleaning (if not cleaned up immediately the battery terminals may corrode). Warning: always wash your hands after touching any leaking battery and do not touch sensitive parts of the body. Varta batteries, on the other hand, have a unique 'leakage protection' in that small amounts of liquid will flow under the outside jacket of the battery and not inside your device! When buying alkaline batteries, or using those which have been sitting around, always check the use-by date. On the Varta 'HIGH ENERGY' range of batteries this is clearly printed on each battery in the format 'JUN-2015' or 'JUN2015'. Note, some batteries will show the manufacture date and not the best-before date and some will show it in the numerical format MM-YY which could be YY-MM, who knows? Others will print it as MM-YYYY which is better but 'JUN-2013' is definitely the best! A typical alkaline battery has a shelf life of 5 years+. Over time a battery will lose charge (i.e. some capacity). If a battery is near its use-by date try recharging it using Rezap before use. Note, you often can buy batteries near or past their use-by date cheaply!

*I recently sold many packs of batteries to a hi-tech medical equipment supplier (who supplies the Australian military) who insisted on using Varta batteries. He told me that Duracell were the worst, in his experience, for leakage! I told him that many fake Duracell batteries had been supplied out of China and that I don't trust any alkaline battery from China! To illustrate my point, I currently have a pack of Energizer batteries supplied with a Chinese made product that have started to leak!!!! Always remember my favourite expression "50% of Chinese products are good quality... but which 50%" ?!?!!?

+The use-by date (best before date or shelf life) is generally when the battery has lost 15% of it's capacity (i.e. has 85% left). Some manufacturers now use a figure of 80% (20% lost capacity) so, of course, these batteries have a longer shelf life (e.g. 7 years). Note, the new Panasonic Evolta has a 10 year shelf life!

To clean up after a battery has leaked: I use a video-head cleaner or contact cleaner such as the Australian product: CO Contact Cleaner made by CRC Industries. It's important to use a product that does not affect plastic and does not leave a residue. The cleaner is used to flush away the chemicals leaked from the battery and then evaporates quickly (leaving no residue) - you can also use a clean tissue or cloth to aid cleanup. If your battery terminals have corroded then harsher cleaning of the contacts may be necessary using a small metal file to rid the contact of all corrosion. All contacts can then be treated with a 'good' contact rejuvenator such as DeOxit from Caig Laboratories. In fact, treating your battery terminals (and all metal inside the battery holder) with DeOxit before leakage occurs will help stop corrosion! Note, Caig Laboratories uses a leaking Duracell coppertop battery in one of their examples above!