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Procon Technology can supply the following Digital Multi-Meters (DMM) and Digital Power-Meters (DPM) at competitive prices. Please see prices below and email us regarding your quantity requirements. In Australia, call 03-98306288 now to buy!

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UT60E (above left) - REPLACEMENT FOR DIGITECH QM1538 - sold out!
The Uni-Trend UT60E replaces the QM1538 meter and logs data to your PC thru any RS232C port (USB adapter also available). Use the supplied Windows program or write your own... example programs available in VisualBASIC and Excel using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). Now works in Excel 2003, 2010, 2016 (32 bit versions). Our example program captures data and inserts it directly into Excel in real time... at 3 samples per second! This DMM features a 3 3/4 digit or 4000 count auto-ranging display, CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V, TRUE-RMS measurement and temperature measurements with the ability to display in 1C increments. Comes with 9V battery, operation manual, optical isolated RS232C lead 1m long, a K type bead wire temperature probe (stainless steel probe optional extra - Q1127) and two quality 1KV test probes! For documentation on the RS232 communications protocol - click here. For an example program in QBASIC - click here. Software for the Digitech QM1538 also works with the UT60E - click here. 12 months warranty.

DPM3232 and DPM3221 (above right)
The Manson Digital DC Power Meters or "Watt meters" come in two versions. The DPM-3232 measures 0-60V DC and 0-20A (60A peak) and is inserted directly between the source and load. The DPM-3221 measures 0-60V DC and 0-50A, 0-100A or 0-200A (user selectable) with an external 50mV current shunt - DPA3016 or QP range. These units are designed to monitor the Voltage and Current output of a DC power source (power supply, charger, battery, solar panel etc.) and records and displays Voltage (V), Amps (A) as well as calculating and displaying; Wattage (W), Watt-hours (Wh), Amp-hours (Ah), minimum Volts (Vm), peak Volts (Vp), minimum Amps (Am) and peak Amps (Ap). The DPM3232 is similar to other Power Meters such as the "Watt's Up" Meter which Radio Control enthusiasts rave about - click here. The advantage of the DPM unit is that it logs the Voltage and Current continuously, at 3 seconds to 3 minute intervals, throughout a model's operation (e.g. a drone's flight) and this data can then be uploaded to a computer. This allows detailed analysis of the performance of the battery and motors and aids fault finding! To upload the data from the DPM, the Data Adapter DPA3051 is required. PC software is provided with the DPA3051 - click here.

Ask us about the adapter which can be used to save RAW multimeter data (UT60E, QM1571 or Q1074A) to your Android device (phone or tablet) and then upload the data to Excel on your PC - click here. We provide full instructions and the software necessary!

PRICE LIST.........current until 30th November, 2021AUD$+GSTNOTE
DPM-3232, DC Power Meter 0-20A (60A pk), 0-60V...
..................display & log power supply or battery operation!
DPM-3221, DC Power Meter 0-50A, 0-100A, 0-200A$80.00$88.00pdf
DPA-3051, USB Data Adapter for DPM3232, DPM3221$100.00$110.00pdf
DPA-3016, 0-100A current shunt for DPM3221$60.00$66.00note
UT60E, Digital Multimeter with RS232 Data logging... pdf
.................includes all accessories + PC software - Protocol
DMM-SW, Software examples in QBASIC, VB, Excel...
...................FREE if you buy 1 or more UT60E
D2340, Converts USB to COM, serial or RS-232...
..............ideal for use with UT60E on PC or Android device!
Q1127, Temperature probe K type for UT60E & Q1074A$15.00$16.50.
P-0413, Test leads with probes, croc. clips & bananna plugs!$9.00$9.90.
QP-5410, AC/DC current shunt 10mV = 1A, 5A max.$15.00$16.50.
QP-5412, AC/DC current shunt 50mV@50A max.$15.00$16.50note
QP-5414, AC/DC current shunt 1mV = 1A, 100A max.$20.00$22.00.
QP-5415, AC/DC current shunt 50mV@100A max.$20.00$22.00.
QP-5417, AC/DC current shunt 50mV@200A max.$20.00$22.00.
Q1074A, Digital Multimeter with USB Data logging...
.................includes all accessories + PC software - Protocol
DMM-SW2, Software examples in QBASIC, VB, Excel$20.00$22.00.
QM1571, Digital Multimeter with wireless data logging...
.................includes all accessories + PC software - Protocol
DMM-SW, Software examples in QBASIC, VB, Excel$20.00$22.00.
QM-1282, thermocouple probe for QM1571$15.00$16.50.
QM1571-F1, SIBA fuse 10A, 1kV for QM1571$9.00$9.90.
QM1571-F2, SIBA fuse FF 500mA, 1kV for QM1571$5.00$5.50.
UT-33C, UNI-T Digital Multimeter with thermocouple...
..................use for temperature calibration of soldering irons

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Payment may be made by debit or credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) by PHONE or MAIL (or email at your own risk).
AUD$ prices are Australian dollars. Note, these are EXPORT prices. For delivery within Australia please add 10% GST (use +GST column). For current exchange rates click here. For an order form that you can PDF print out and email to us - click here.

Delivery charge within Australia $11 any quantity ($16.50 for EXPRESS BAG). Delivery to all overseas destinations - P.O.A. (ask us). EX-GST purchases may only be made when the delivery address is outside of Australia. i.e. for EXPORT orders. Prices subject to change without notice.

Customer comments:'I received the package on October 1st, only 4 days in transit! The meters work great. Thank you very much.' Mack M. USA 'What do they feed those Qantas pilots on? The package arrived Monday! That's as quick as if I ordered something from Maplin - and they're in Essex. Thanks and best regards' Iain Rankin, England.

*** to provide another example why this meter is SO GOOD, one customer complained that it was not very accurate in measuring resistance values below 1 ohm. I suggested that he should be using the "resistance" mode and not the "continuity test" mode and that he should short-circuit the leads and press "Rel" (relative) before trying to measure such a small resistance. In addition I explained that the accuracy of resistance measurements was very limited below 1 ohm because of the resolution being 0.1 ohm +/- 2 counts! I also suggested that there are better methods for measuring such low resistance (e.g. the bridge method) HOWEVER I did start experimenting with resistance values between 1 and 10 ohm and noticed that the Q1074A was more accurate than any other meter that I had... why? It's due to the measuring technique used on the Q1074A... it applies a small positive voltage and alternatively a small negative voltage and, I assume, averages the readings! Most other meters simply apply a positive voltage... just like the continuity test used on the Q1074A meter. If your DMM relies on simply applying a fixed positive DC current and then measuring the DC voltage drop then inaccuracies can occur if the resistor itself generates a voltage! How can this occur? Remember two dissimilar metals can produce a voltage (this is how the thermocouple works), so I decided to try connecting the thermocouple and measure the resistance... guess what? On the Q1074A continuity test and on other meter's resistance test, I found the resistance would increase or decease (depending on the polarity) when the thermocouple was heated (e.g. stick your fingers on the probe) BUT when the Q1074A resistance test was used, the reading REMAINED CONSTANT !!!

The QM1571 datalogging DMM operates wirelessly (up to 3m) on the same frequency, multiple units can NOT be used within close proximity to each other. Multiple DMMs can only be used provided that they are separated by 10+ metres. Details are provided of using different COM ports, when you purchase the DMM-SW CDROM! NOTE: The wired data logging DMM have no restriction, multiple units can be used and connected to one computer. e.g. measure DC voltage and current and calculate power! i.e P=VI.

The QM1571 meter oozes quality inside and out - click here. It is so indestructable that we offer a "lifetime warranty". It is similar to other meters costing much more... but the QM1571 includes wireless data collection and a non-contact voltage detector! "The QM1571 is a comprehensive low cost multimeter, for the money its functionality is fantastic, with everything you would expect with good AC & DC ranges, Frequency and Capacitance measurements, complete with Temperature Probe and Case. Exceptional value for money. Why buy a Fluke?"

* place the top of the QM1571 DMM near AC wiring and a red LED will illuminate. Switch to 400mV DC and select Hertz and display the AC frequency without any physical contact! Note, when collecting data always insert a new battery... a good quality 9V alkaline battery will last 3 days continuously (with wireless operation) and up to 1 week with a lithium battery! Imagine? Now you can monitor data, such as battery voltage, remotely whilst your mobile robot wanders around! Or use the QM1571 in a hazardous environment whilst you collect data direct on your PC. Multiple meters can even be connected to a PC provided they are kept a sufficient distance apart so as not to interfere with each other.

Postscript: The graph below shows how simple it is to plot data obtained by the meters. The temperature probe was plunged into a beaker of ice cold water. The text file, with 100 data samples, was then loaded into an Excel spreadsheet and graphically presented. The graph below was produced by a year 7 student!

To see an application which logs the voltage and current of a solar cell - click here - by Ozge Topuz of Bilkent University, Turkey.