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Warringah Council Elections - A Ward - Saturday 11 September 1999

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This is tentative and is for guidance only - it is not an official election website.

Phil Colman comfortably elected!

(* QUOTA = 6000 approx  )
Group A -  GILES 858 (4%) Sutton -
Group B - STOKES (LABOR) 2299 (10%) half to Sutton 
half to Colman
Group C  - CAPUTO 4182 (17%) - 4789
Group D -  PERRAM 416 (2%) Caputo -
Group E - SUTTON (WIN) 4424 (18%) - 6224*
Group F - DANIELI 3840 (16%) - 4410
Group G COLMAN 5724  (24%) - 6974*
Group H - HIVE 650 (3%) Sutton -
Group I - CLAMPETT 191 (1%) Caputo -
Group J - GOYMOUR 570 (2%) Danieli -
Des Hasler received 461 primary votes!

Primary Votes for Phil Colman by booth (as at 10.30pm Sat)
Location Votes % of booth  Place in booth
Civic Centre 37 11% 4th
Beacon Hill 193 17% 4th
Collaroy Surf Club 554 43% 1st
Collaroy Plateau 787 36% 1st
Cromer High 257 34% 1st
Cromer Primary 667 27% 1st
Dee Why Primary 404 17% 3rd
St Kevins Dee Why 106 10% 5th
St Johns Dee Why 233 20% 1st
Narrabeen Lakes 629 31% 1st
Narraweena 618 18% 3rd
St Josephs Narrabeen 221 26% 1st
War Vets 185 26% 1st
Wheeler Heights 555 28% 1st
Congratulations to Phil, Judy and Des, and the dedicated helpers. A great result.

Outcomes in the other Wards are:

B Ward: - Kevin Smith (WIN), Peter Forrest (Greens) and Darren Jones just beat Dave Parsons (Save Manly Dam for third spot. Brian Green and Brian Brook were not re-elected.

C Ward: Julie Sutton, Peter Moxham and David Stephens (Julie Sutton's Number 2!)

Congratulations to the successful candidates. Thank you to the former Councillors (including Tom Webster and Liz Jones, who did not stand) for their contribution to Warringah.

Phil Colman's election success

Comments by "campaign manager" Michael Paine

As Phil Colman's election campaign manager I have to say I was delighted to see the preliminary results posted on the window of the State Electoral Office in Dee Why Stroll very late on Saturday night. It was quite clear that there was overwhelming support for Phil.

The campaign  was very much a team effort - most of us had not been involved in this level of political campaigning before. In particular, the Collaroy community had suffered from numerous inappropriate developments over recent years and was strongly behind Phil.

It is evident that many of the people who know Phil, and his outstanding contribution to the community over the years, voted for him. This is a recognition well earned.

Undeniably, having Des Hasler on the ticket was a good drawcard, as was local high school teacher Judy Charnaud. Our aim was to attract people's attention so they would take notice of the issues, read the brochures and vote on these issues. They include planning issues such as implementation of the new LEP and community consultation processes; bushland issues such as the Non-Urban Land Study, the Ardel site and state government retirement village policy and council procedures, such as recording votes by Councillors.

The party name "Treasure Our Lifestyle" and the motto "We live in a great place. Let's keep it that way" may have struck a chord in the community. However, the mix-up which prevented us from having the party name "above the line" on the ballot paper does not appear to have affected the results - our polling booth volunteers reported many cases of people saying "that's the one I want" when they were offered a "how to vote" sheet.

It is too early to comment on the other candidates but it is evident that Julie Sutton and David Parsons deserve congratulations for the strong showing in their respective Wards.

Michael Paine
13 September 1999

Election Brochure


Voting is Compulsory

"Treasure Our Lifestyle" reflects our concerns for the future. We live in a great place - let's keep it that way.

Phil Colman lives at Collaroy and has no business interests in Warringah. He has extensive experience in environmental and community issues.

On 11 September support Phil Colman

Vote 1 for Group G


The Treasure Our Lifestyle Team

Phil Colman has been a resident in Collaroy since his childhood. Prior to his recent retirement he worked at the Australian Museum and gained an international reputation for his work on marine life. He is Deputy Chairman of Sydney Northern Beaches Catchment Management Committee, Co-ordinator of the Narrabeen Lagoon Committee, community member of the Northern Council of Sydney Water, member of the NSW Advisory Council on Fisheries Conservation, a member of the Australian Conservation Foundation and the National Trust. He also is a member of various committees of Warringah, Manly and Pittwater Councils. His campaign is supported by the Narrabeen Lagoon Committee and the Red Hill Preservation Society.

Judy Charnaud has lived in Warringah all her life. Her involvement with adolescents through many years of teaching, including Cromer High School, has given her a insight into youth issues and local government.

Des Hasler is well known as a Premiership Rugby League player and has lived in the area for 15 years. He has been involved in youth issues including the development of Rugby League and also as a teacher. He is also concerned with coastal issues.

David Roggiero is an independent candidate He has lived in Warringah all of his life. He is an architect with particular concerns with built heritage issues.


Rod Macqueen - Wallabies coach

"I have lived in this area all my life. I support Phil Colman and his team as I believe their policies are the best interests of the community."

Wendy Harmer - radio personality

"As the remaining bushland and the other natural assets of our beautiful district come under increasing pressure from development, we need a team to restore balance to decision making. Phil' s team has pledged that."

Where to Vote in A Ward

"A Ward" is in the north eastern corner of Warringah Local Government Area. It is bounded by Narrabeen Lake to the North, the Wakehurst Parkway and Oxford Falls Road to the west and Warringah Road to the South. Dee Why and Beacon Hill are partially in A Ward. Check the Council map for details..

Civic Centre, Council Building, Dee Why
Community Centre, Willandra Rd, Beacon Hill
Collaroy Surf Lifesaving Club, Pittwater Rd, Collaroy
Collaroy Plateau School, Plateau Rd, Collaroy Plateau
Cromer High School, South Creek Rd, Cromer South
Cromer Primary School, Carcoola Rd, Cromer
De Why Primary School, Fisher Rd, Dee Why
St Kevins Church Hall, Oaks Av, Dee Why
St Johns Church Hall, Avon Rd Dee Why
Narrabeen Lakes Primary School, Pittwater Rd, Narrabeen
Narraweena Primary School, McIntosh Rd, Narraweena
St Josephs Church Hall, Lagoon St, Narrabeen
War Veterans Home, Veterans Pde, Collaroy Plateau
Wheeler Heights Primary School, Veterans Pde, Collaroy Plateau

Polling places are open from 8am to 6pm



Method of Voting

"Voting above the line" has been introduced for local government elections in NSW. This means that the easiest way to vote for Phil Colman and his team is to write the number 1 in the Group G box. A tick or cross must not be used. Otherwise you can vote for candidates below the line, according to the instructions on the ballot paper.


By voting "above the line" your preferences are automatically distributed to other candidates. In the case of Treasure Our Lifestyle, two thirds of the preferences go to the Warringah Independent Network group and one third go to the Labor Party group. These groups have, in turn, agreed to exchange preferences with Treasure Our Lifestyle. If you do not agree with this distribution of preferences then you should consider voting below the line in accordance with the instructions on the ballot paper. In this way you can still give Phil Colman your number 1 vote but your preferences will be distributed according to your wishes.


For too long our lifestyle has been eroded by uncaring, inappropriate development. Phil Colman recognises the needs and aspirations of residents and business people within Warringah. He believes that these can be met in ways that will benefit the community as a whole while protecting the environment.

Urban planning

Balanced, sustainable development

Planning decisions driven by the needs of the community

Ensuring that the community benefits of the new LEP are realised and that the rules are adhered to.

Any major redevelopments to involve thorough public consultation with residents and local businesses.


Better public transport - more feeder services to other parts of Sydney.

More park and ride facilities and other incentives to take pressure off the road system.

Improving main roads to take pressure off residential streets

Protection of bushland and waterways

Implementing a total catchment management approach to planning so that the cumulative and long-term effects of development are taken into account.

Extension of Garigal National Park - link Kur-ring-gai Chase to Sydney Harbour.

Create nature reserves.

Give priority to protecting remaining bushland, beach and headland areas, including incentives for preserving undeveloped land in private ownership.

Better sewerage and drainage

Improved awareness of public ownership of beaches

Economic development

Foster and support local businesses

Encourage major corporations/departments to establish teleworking initiatives (working from home or local, shared offices)

Encourage Eco-tourism initiatives


Child-care facilities throughout Warringah

Encourage youth participation in planning and running local youth events

An increase in youth venues and facilities

Parking in high density areas such as Dee Why

Keep Collaroy Hospital

Oppose further high-rise development along the coastal strip from Collaroy to Narrabeen

Upgrade local sporting facilities

Council Operations

Councillor voting to be recorded

More open government

Improved notification of the wider community about major development applications

Greater recognition and acknowledgment of staff expertise

For more details see our Draft Manifesto

Contact us

If you have any questions or suggestions then please contact Phil Colman on 99826142.

Email: (checked every few days)

Authorised by Phil Colman, 8 Ocean Grove Collaroy, Phone 99826142 , Fax 99724292
Web Page by Michael Paine, 10 Lanai Place Beacon Hill  Phone 94514870

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