Ski Helmets - a buyers guide (thanks Tom Gibson).  American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons: Position Statement - Helmet Use in Skiing and Snow Boarding

BoM note: "Snow making facilities are used at the resorts to enhance snow depths and snow depth measurements may not represent snow conditions."  - judge for yourself!
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snow 3d
snow aug sep

snow prob
This is a new graph showing the probability of "good" snow (>150cm) in early September by decade. The trend line is not too reliable due to the large dip in the middle. Let's hope the recent "improvements" are sustained!



Pre-season snow falls

Snowhydro graph 2 Aug 2006

2004 - only a few patches of snow early in June but it turned out to be a great season

Post-season report: There were very good dumps in August and reasonable snow still falling early in October so don't let the pre-season photo put you off.

Mt perisher 3 June 2004 - where's the snow?

Front Valley 31 May 03 - new chairlift


Late May 2002. No photos of Mt Perisher yet but there is a light cover of snow across the Perisher area. Has to be better than 2001! (but don't hold me to that). Spencer Creek has 0.4m of snow.
Photo taken on 3 June 2002:


A view of Mt Perisher on 25 May 2001. Looks good for mountain goats!

Mt Perisher 30 May 2000


80cm in one dump in late May 2000! Good news for the start of a great season. The Sydney Olympics meant that the slopes were empty.  A great year!

1999 - Oh well!

The 1999 season got off to a good start. 

Unfortunately warm weather and rain ruined things from early September 1999.

The message seems to be if the snow is good - get down there before it goes!
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