Warringah's Environmental Hotspots

DRAFT 21 June 1999

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Warringah Local Government Area is located on Sydney's Northern Beaches. It has a unique combination of bushland, coastal lagoons and beaches (aerial pictures). There are numerous threats to these great natural assets.
The following map shows locations were bushland has been cleared for developments or is under threat from development.

One of the gravest threats is the New South Wales Government's State Environmental Planning Policy 5 (SEPP5) which actually encourages the bulldozing of bushland adjacent to existing residential areas to make way for retirement villages. Inevitably these retirement villages are on rugged blocks and are well away from shops and services so they are poorly suited to the intended residents. The effect of SEPP5 on Warringah's bushland can be gauged from the purple dots on the map.

Click on a location of interest on the map, or jump to the table at the foot of the page, to view details for each item (the table row at the very top of the window is relevant - due to browser limitations you may have to move up the page slightly to view the full details)

Map of Warringah's Environmental Hotspots

List of Hotspots

Suburb & Date

Allambie - June 1999
Ardel residential sub-division. 32 dwellings Rare Duffys Forest flora. Water quality issues - rare fish under threat.

Allambie - mid 1990s
SEPP5 retirement villages along Allambie Rd

Allambie - early 1990s
SEPP5 retirement village, Aquatic Dr, Allambie Manly Dam catchment

Allambie - 1997
SEPP5 retirement villages along Allambie Rd

Beacon Hill - 1992
REP21 Landcom subdivision at Red Hill. 30 Ha Forced on Council by State Government in 1988. Stage 3/4 revised to preserve some bushland.

Beacon Hill - 1997
REP21 Norbel subdivision at Red Hill. 5 Ha "

Beacon Hill - 1997
Brooker Av subdivision 3Ha Rezoned for subdivision due to SEPP5 issues

Beacon Hill - 1999
Brooker Av 10Ha of non-urban land sold. Possible SEPP5 application.  Last untouched headwaters of South Creek. Prominent rock platform with rare flora.

Beacon Hill - 1999
Willandra Rd - Several owners of non-urban land have raised the issue of subdivision Some sensitive escarpments and important headwaters

Beacon Hill - 1999
Catholic Church considering a major subdivision at Red Hill Church land includes the sensitive Wheeler Creek valley

Beacon Hill - 1998
Land fill on north escarpment of Red Hill Huge quantities of land fill on a new access road and residential block. Weeds and siltation concerns.

Belrose - late 1980s
SEPP5 Belrose Country Club - 10Ha of cleared land

Belrose - late 1980s
SEPP5 Glenaeon Retirement Village

Belrose - late 1980s
SEPP5 Wesley Retirement Village

Belrose - 1998
Subdivision of former road corridor

Belrose - 1998
Subdivision off Forest Way, opposite Ralston Av

Belrose - 1998
Subdivision off Perentie Rd Potential for SEPP5 retirement village a factor in Council approval

Belrose - 1999
Sale of land on Forest Way, opposite Bundaleer St Possible SEPP5 or subdivision

Belrose - 1999
Sale of land zoned industrial on Forestway

Brookvale - 1998
MLALC conservation agreement for escarpment +

Brookvale - 1998
Subdivision of former brickworks site

Collaroy Plateau - 1997
Wars Veterans Home application to extend On hold?

Cromer - early 1990s
SEPP5 Willandra Village Steep block on the edge of South Creek.

Cromer - 1998
SEPP5 Retirement village on former nursery site Bush on escarpment preserved

Cromer - early 1990s
SEPP5 Maybrook Manor Applied for extension

Cromer - 1997 & current
Possible SEPP5 on non-urban land at the end of Northcott Rd, Cromer Heights "Cromer Highlands" abandoned after strong community protest. Possible subdivision with top of block preserved. A nearby block is being advertised as having SEPP5 potential.

Cromer - 1998
REP21 Landcom subdivision at Cromer Rd Forced on Council by State Government

Curl Curl - 1998
Greendale creek gross pollutant trap +

Dee Why - 1997
Dee Why Wetland project +Community restoration of a creek flowing into Dee Why Lagoon

Dee Why - 1998
Proposals to rezone tennis courts and hotel

Frenchs Forest
Carnarvon Dr subdivision

Long Reef - 1998
Wetlands created on Long Reef Golf Course +

Long Reef - 1980s
Long Reef Aquatic Reserve +

Narrabeen - early 1990s
Coastal Environment Centre +

Oxford Falls
Church and school developments on non-urban land

Oxford Heights - 1998
REP21 landcom subdivision  Forced on Council by State Government 


  • The Coastal Environment Centre (CEC) Narrabeen, New South Wales
  • Oz Green
  • Nature Conservation Council Bushland Mapping Project (used for above map)
  • Warringah Council
  • Treasure Our Lifestyle - local political party
  • Warringah Independent Network (WIN) - environmental network with more information about many of these issues.
  • Urban Villages as a means of preventing urban sprawl

  • An initiative of the
    Red Hill Preservation Society
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