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:: 7M-GE Camshaft Profiles

TRD GrpA Spec 7M Cams

Stock 7m-ge (gte) Cam specs::

image:: Setting up the dial-gauge on the head to get the data below...


image:: Toyota stock 7mge profile. 256deg @ 0" lift


image:: Toyota stock 7mge profile. a different way of plotting the cam data. basically represents 'actual' cam profile (just reversed)

TRD GrpA Cam specs::

10.88mm lift, 256 deg intake @ 50thou, 243 deg exhaust @ 50thou


image:: TRD on left vs OEM toyota profile on right


image:: TRD in and ex cams together

HKS Cam specs::

256 deg intake and exhaust @ 50thou, one grind of a 3 stage series once available from HKS


image:: HKS 7M 256deg @ 50thou cams


image:: HKS 7M 256deg @ 50thou cams


TODA Racing Toyota 7MG Camshaft Specifications 
Part # Duration Lift (mm) Price (USD)
7MG-IN001 256 Intake 7.9 $750
7MG-IN011 264 Intake 7.9 $750
7MG-IN021 272 Intake 7.9 $750
7MG-IN031 288 Intake 8.5 $750
7MG-IN041 304 Intake 8.5 $750
7MG-EX001 256 Exhaust 7.9 $780
7MG-EX011 264 Exhaust 7.9 $780
7MG-EX021 272 Exhaust 7.9 $780
7MG-EX031 288 Exhaust 8.5 $780
7MG-EX041 304 Exhaust 8.5 $780


image:: TODA racing billet cams. these are 4AGE cams, but they are essentially identical to 7MGE cams minus 2 cyls...

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E-mail: toda@todaracing.com

HKS grind::

A little off the 7MGE theme, but still relevant, are the following HKS cam grind specifications for the 6MGE engine. the 6MGE is virtually the same as the 7MGE, except it only runs 2v per cyl, and utilses a rocker assembly. with that in mind, the follow HKS spec might be useful in developing your own 7MGE grind...


image:: HKS 6M intake cam profile data

image:: HKS 6M exhaust cam profile data

trd cam images from:




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