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Neil Diamond has been my favourite singer for many years. Since he looked like this actually, and this is a rather early photo!   Young NeilHis "Hot August Night" album was the one that brought him to my attention. That, and the fact that everywhere I went, there were gorgeous posters of him, with his eyes following me no matter where I stood to look at him! But I truly fell in love with his music. Every song he sang seemed to be for me alone -  and I think all his fans feel the same way.

    I have been lucky enough to see Neil in concert each time he has visited Australia. The first concert I saw was at our Myer Music Bowl in February 1976, in one of Melbourne's beautiful gardens.   It was a fantastic night!  The music was terrific, and the atmosphere magic! The fact that we were so far back on the lawn that we could barely see Neil, and even with binoculars could only just see his face, did not detract from the very special feeling of being in the same place as our favourite singer.  When he divided us into sections to help him sing "Song Sung Blue", he really had  us all in the palm of his hand!!  I think the song went on for about 20 minutes, and none of us wanted it to end..  The second time was at the National Tennis Centre in  April '92, and it was a great night once again, Neil having lost none of his special charm.   He was quoted as having said that he didn't think we would have remembered him, as it was so long since he had toured Australia, and that he was surprised and very grateful that we had remained such faithful fans, and promised he would not stay away for so long again!!  Although we thoroughly enjoyed the night, once again we did not have very good seats. The last time in April '96 was the best as far as seating is concerned.  The concert was 'in the round' at the National Tennis Centre (now called 'Melbourne Park'), and we were close enough to actually be able to see his face clearly!  And the music and the atmosphere were once again absolutely incredible. Neil is still a magician on stage, and subtly weaves his spell around the entire audience, and being 'in the round', even in a large stadium, there is an aura of intimacy somehow.  We all are certainly eagerly looking forward to our "Frog King" returning to our Aussie shores.  Hopefully we will keep getting closer, and for the next concert, would love to be in the front row!!!

In my opinion, Neil is like a good wine - improving with age!!!!!!!

When I first started surfing the net, I couldn't find very many Neil sites.  I found Diamondville, but that was about it. In the last month or so, now that I know a bit more about what I'm doing, I have found enough to keep me very busy indeed!!  And it is great, being able to communicate with lots of other fans, and read their stories and comments about Neil, via this wonderful medium we are privileged to have at our disposal these days.

I'd love to hear from other Neil fans, so please email me or sign my guest book if you'd like to chat, about Neil or anything else.
And if you love dolphins too, who knows what else we may have in common!


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FOND Australia celebrated Neil's 60th birthday,
24th Jan 2001

with a weekend long party from Jan 26th - 28th

Click here to see some pics from our celebrations!!!

Happy 60th Birthday Neil :-}

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