December 15th 2001


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Evil Woman started in our cinemas on Thursday 13th and a couple of Neil fan/friends and I went to see it last night - OK, so it's a pretty silly movie, but we had quite a few laughs and we thought Neil did a great job in his small cameo...  The early concert footage was good to see on the Big Screen, and so too was the Neil of today - he sure is lookin' good :-}  We really enjoyed watching out for all the Neil memorabilia, too.
Now, if we could just get those concert dates for next year, we really would have a very Merry Christmas!!!!  :-}


December 7th 2001

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Christmas is fast approaching, so I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and to hope for Peace on Earth in 2002.

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Wouldn't we all love to find
Neil in our
Christmas stocking? !!

Neil will be having a short break from touring between Dec 9th and 19th, and it's reported he'll be appearing on the Jay Leno show on Dec 17th, so mark this on your calenders!!!! 
The fans who've been to the concerts so far have reported that Neil is better than ever (is that possible?), so if you haven't caught a concert yet, do your darnedest to get to one soon!!!!! 
If you'd like to read some fan concert reviews, check out the new
'I Am...I Said' message board. 

There are more concert dates for the US in  Feb - check out Joe's site for details, but we Aussie's, and the European fans, are still trying to be very patient while we wait for some dates when we'll be able to catch the magic of a 'Night with Neil'!!
We are also hoping 'Saving Silverman' or 'Evil Woman' as it apparently will be called here, is still coming to a cinema near us soon, (it's now down for release on Dec 15th, but they've been putting it back further and further all year!)but we're not holding our breath!!!  Seems like it'll be one we'll have to be content to watch on video!!!  Never mind, anyway you get to see Neil is great :-}

28th September 2001

It's time for the first concert at last!!!!  Hope everyone going to Columbus tonight has a sparkling, magical Diamond time - and the same to all who are going to see Neil over the next few months.
Enjoy the concerts and please tell us all about them, via email and message boards.



11th September 2001

Not Neil news, but a day the world will never forget, when two hijacked planes slammed into the towers of the World Trade Centre in New York, another slammed into the Pentagon, and a fourth crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.
In memory of all who lost their lives in this dreadful tragedy, and of those who survived and those who risked their lives to help others.
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6th September

TCO back up to #3 on our National Chart!!!!!!!  They say it's due to Father's Day (last Sunday here in OZ) sales, but whatever the reason, it's great to see!!!!  It's dropped back to #4 on the Sanity CD store chart, but it's doing great!!


heard on the grapevine today........

Neil rang John Laws - the Sydney DJ who premiered TCO world wide - and told him he'll be in OZ in MAY 2002!!!!!!!!
No actual dates yet - but that from the man himself on OZ radio is good enough for me!!!!!!!  Now we can REALLY start getting excited!!!!!   YIPPPPEEEEEEE :-}

UK fans finally were able to buy TCO on Monday 3rd Sept, and are thoroughly enjoying it from all accounts - and fans in the rest of Europe will be able to buy their copies next Monday - I do hope when Neil records his next album, the whole world will be able to buy it at the same time as the US........


31st August

TCO has dropped to #5 in the national chart this week - but it's gone GOLD!!!!!  And it's gone up from #4 to #2 on the Sanity CD store chart.  It's great to go out to the shops and see Neil looking out from the Top Twenty CD stands again:-}  Good on you Aussies!!!!!!!!

We are still "patiently" waiting for OZ tour dates, as are our UK friends waiting for their turn to be announced, while for those in the States, the anticipation of their concerts is growing by the day, with less than a month now to the first concert on 28th September. 

September 2001:

9/28/01 - Columbus, OH

9/30/01 - Washington, DC

October 2001:

10/2/01 - Boston, MA - Fleet Center

10/15/01 - Cleveland, OH

10/3/01 - Boston, MA - Fleet Center

10/17/01 - Philadelphia, PA

10/5/01 - Detroit, MI

10/18/01 - Philadelphia, PA

10/6/01 - Detroit, MI

10/20/01 - Grand Rapids, MI

10/8/01 - Chicago, IL

10/21/01 - Grand Rapids, MI

10/9/09 - Chicago, IL

10/23/01 - Rockford, IL

10/11/01 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

10/24/01 - Moline, IL - Mark of the Quads

10/12/01 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

10/26/01 - St Paul, MN

10/14/01 - Cleveland, OH

10/27/01 - St Paul, MN


10/29/01 - Fargo, ND

November 2001:

11/1/01 - Salt Lake City, UT

11/18/01 - Indianapolis, IN

11/2/01 - Salt Lake City, UT

11/20/01 - Nashville, TN

11/4/01 - Denver, CO (tentative)

11/23/01 - Oklahoma city, OK

11/9/01 - Omaha, NE

11/25/01 - Dallas, TX

11/12/01 - St Louis, MO

11/27/01 - Phoenix, AZ

11/14/01 - Milwaukee, WI

11/29/01 - San Diego, CA

11/15/01 - Milwaukee, WI

11/30/01 - Bakersfield, CA

11/17/01 - Dayton, OH


December 2001:

12/2/01 - Portland, OR

12/8/01 - Sacramento, CA

12/3/01 - Portland, OR

12/9/01 - San Jose, CA

12/5/01 - Seattle, WA

12/19/01 - Los Angeles,CA

12/6/01 - Seattle, WA

12/21/01 - Los Angeles, CA


12/22/01 - Los Angeles, CA

2002: Australia & Europe, Dates to be announced later.

Hope you all have a blast!!!!!!


26th August

Oh, we are so lucky here this week - a wonderful article in our weekend paper.   Neil hasn't had so much press coverage over here since '76!!!!!  He's HOT again :-}


A great article about Neil, his tour and TCO in our daily paper.  It's on the same page as the album chart on the link below - tour dates can't be far away now!!!!!!!!


23rd August

Oz fans have been enjoying Three Chord Opera for 10 days now - and have a look at our album chart for this week :-}
Maybe now Neil can see how much we all still love his music, we'll get some tour dates SOON!!!!!!!


12th August

Tomorrow is the CD release date here in OZ!!!!  YIPPEE - seems like we've been waiting forever.. There's going to be some serious CD listening going on here by this time tomorrow :-}  

One of our OZ DJs has been playing several of the songs from the CD - and he had an interview with Neil last week in which Neil said his people have been talking to Paul Dainty, and he's eager to  get down here as soon as possible!!!

We're also getting a TV interview on our Today show tomorrow morning - to coincide with the CD release.  And we're hoping we might get some more news on just when Neil is going to come on Down Under and sing for us!! 



25th July

Neil articles in our daily paper


24th July

The official release date for Three Chord Opera in the States - hope you folk are enjoying all the great new tracks :-}

Check this out - the new

Official Neil Diamond website!!!!


21st July

Here's an article my friend Marcy in Houston sent me about Neil's upcoming tour -  thanks Marcy :-}


16th July

One of our OZ DJs, John Laws,  has been playing songs from Neil's new album for the last few days - he seems to be the only person in the world who is doing this!!!!!! I don't pick his show up very well, but folk in the UK and the States have been listening in and sending emails, and John is rapt that he's being listened to far and wide!!!  I don't know if he'll continue to play them every day, but this morning, I managed to pick up a Victorian radio station that takes John's show on relay, and got to hear three songs from the album

Leave a Little room for God,
Turn Down the Lights
You Are The Best Part of Me

They all have a good beat and nice lyrics, and Neil's voice sounds great :-} My fave of the three is
'You Are The Best Part Of me' .....
It's mainly a talk back show, so there isn't a lot of music, but it's worth the listen to hear the new songs in advance.  



July 11th


The first of the tour dates :-}

28th Sept.......Wilkes-Barre, PA

30th Sept.......Washington, DC

2nd Oct......Boston, MA

5th Oct.......Detroit, MI

8th Oct......Chicago, ILL

11th Oct......Madison Square Gardens, NYC

14th Oct......Cleveland, OH

17/18th Oct....PHILADELPHIA, PA

20th Oct..........Grand Rapids, MI

24th Oct..........Moline, ILL

Some tickets will be going on sale July 30th.....keep checking Ticket Master for sale dates......


July 6th

What a great vision to greet me as I read through my morning paper!!!  Not concert news, but at least more mention and a pic of Neil.  The article spanned two pages and the last word of the headline was 'Instinct'.  I didn't scan the rest as it didn't mention Neil again - just continued the article about Barry Mannilow, and had a pic of him.


28th June

Here it is at last  folks - the cover of the new CD!! :-}

Threechordopera1.jpg (30151 bytes)

WOW, what a sexy pic!!!!!!!!!! I think I'd buy it just for the cover!! 
Click the CD to go to CD Now for more info...

Looking forward even more to hearing all the songs:-}


27th June

New release date for 'Evil Woman' in OZ - our daily paper today had a very small mention of 'Evil Woman' - no mention of Neil - and they now tell us the release date is August 30th.   Hope it happens this time :-}


20th June - it's all starting to happen!!!!!!!!!

Three Chord Opera

Release date in Europe 30th July

Release date in OZ - 6th August!!!!!!!!!!!

Upcoming US TV appearances

July 22 - Neil will be on VH1's Behind the Music
July 27 Neil will be appearing on the Today Show
July 28 9-11pm. Neil will be on Live by Request. 
July 30 Neil will be on The View

I might have to move to America!!!!!! :-}


19th June

Just  had this sent to me - the list of songs for Neil's new CD!!!!!!!!!  Hope we don't have too long to wait :-}   It was posted on the Sony music site

Neil Diamond - Three Chord Opera

Europe : 502493 2 : Compact Disc

Side 1

  1. I Haven't Played This Song In Years

  2. Don't Look Down

  3. I Believe In Happy Endings

  4. At The Movies

  5. Midnight Dream

  6. You Are The Best Part Of Me

  7. Baby Let's Drive

  8. My Special Someone

  9. A Mission Of Love

  10. Elijah's Song

  11. Leave A Little Room For God

  12. Turn Down The Lights



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11th June

Tom Ziber, a Neil fan for many years, has modified this 'Carribbean blue' ribbon for us to use on our web sites in memory of Vince.  It has also been suggested that fans may like to wear a ribbon of this colour when attending the next round of concerts, to show our sadness over Vince's loss, and our continuing support of Neil and the NDRRT.

5th June

Sad news today, with the announcement of the death on Sunday 3rd June, after a short illness, of Vince Charles, Neil's steel drum player, and a most wonderful and charming man.  All who've seen Vince on stage will know what a valued and happy member of the band he was - and those who've had his drumsticks presented to them at the end of a show have an even greater treasure now.  Many fans have had the pleasure of speaking with Vince at signings of his own CDs and at Bus Calls, and some have been lucky enough to share a drink and conversation with him after concerts.

We fans will miss him, and I'm sure Neil and the rest of the NDRRT will miss him even more.
Deepest Condolences to Vince's family and friends.

Done Too Soon.



4th June

Latest unofficial rumour is that Neil's new CD will be named "Three Chord Opera".
This has come from 'reliable sources', but there is still no
official word.  Stay tuned!!!!!



May 27th

Rumour has it that Neil will not be using the round stage for his upcoming tour :-{  Whilst I do prefer the round - I'll take him however I can get him!!!!!!  It does seem more and more likely that the tour WILL happen though!!!! :-}  Will keep my eyes and ears open and report on anything else that comes along!!!!!!


May 19th

This has been a great year for Neil so far, with the release in February of the movie "Saving Silverman" - a story about a Neil tribute band in which Neil has a cameo role as himself.  He appeared on TV in the States on several interviews promoting the movie - and had a wonderful time at the Premiere, and at the party at the "House of Blues" afterwards.  SuperDiamond were performing, and Neil and other cast members joined them on stage for a couple of fun numbers, much to the delight of SuperDiamond and all the other diners...

He also wrote a new song for the movie, which inspired him to more writing  and enough songs for a new CD, due for release in the States in July - and hopefully in Australia and the rest of the world, very soon after... 

Unfortunately, "Saving Silverman" didn't do really well at the Box Office, so it's release in the rest of the world has been delayed until August, and it's to be renamed "Evil Woman".

Neil reportedly will be appearing on the Today show summer concert series on July 27th - and we here in OZ do get to see this show on TV, even though it's in the early hours of the morning. So you can bet there will be VCRs whirring away all over OZ - and probably many bleary eyed fans the next day :-}  It seems Neil has also been booked to appear once again on The View, also in July, to promote the new album - and rumours are abounding that a new World Wide Tour will be announced very soon!!!!!!!!  Our OZ newspapers had an article on Saturday May 19th about this tour, and on the radio on Sunday May 20th, the DJ played "Solitary Man" and then said Neil may be touring here again later this year, so we are getting very excited!!!!!!

I'll try to keep this page updated with more news as it becomes available, so Watch This Space!!!!

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