Here are some pics from our melbourne fond

1999 birthday party for neil!!

It was held at the 'lone star steak house',
very c & w :-o}


Happy birthday Neil
N-crowd1.jpg (21913 bytes)
Chris singing.

At the back, almost in the centre under the blue light,
is Chris who did a great job singing Neil songs for us!!!!!!

Boot cake

Our president, Dianne, with the boot cake!!!


to draw


We had a wonderful afternoon.   The raffle prizes were a personally autographed Neil pic, a Neil calender by Jean S., a beautiful purple Neil t-shirt and a current tour book.  There were also a couple of not signed pics, one of which I was lucky enough to win!!!  Everyone was thrilled with their prizes, and we all sang along very enthusiastically with Chris!!!

We are now eagerly anticipating our Aussie concerts, and looking forward to seeing our Diamond shining as brightly as ever, and hearing him singing his heart out for us, as he always does :-o}


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