January 21st 2006

To celebrate Neil's 65th birthday we went to see

Steve Cummin's Neil Diamond Super Hits Show

at the Melbourne Zoo again

Steve always puts on a great show, and we have a fantastic time, but unfortunately this year some of the group of fans who usually come along couldn't make it and we missed them. 

It was a very hot January day and we got to the Zoo at about 3.30 pm - a little later than last year, and missed out on getting our favourite spot between the bandstand and the frog enclosure!!  All the really good shady spots under the trees closest to the bandstand had already been taken too, (just shows how popular Steve's show is, but when I told him that he said it's Neil's music that gets the crowd in!!) but we did manage to get a spot with dappled shade which deepened as the afternoon wore on...  We were on the opposite side and where the band would have their backs to us - but we couldn't possibly have sat out in the hot, hot sun for three hours waiting for the show to start - and then it would still be another couple of hours before the sun would set..  And anyway, it was interesting to have a different perspective of the show - and we could still get up and walk around to the front if and when we wanted to...

I went over and said Hi to Steve and Colonel Mal while they were setting up and Steve introduced me to his lovely wife who hadn't been to the Zoo show before, and to the Colonel's bride to be, and it was great to chat like old buddies :-}  By the time show time came around there was barely a vacant spot of grass anywhere - even in the full sun - and it was still extremely hot.....  As usual, the crowd was made up of all ages - and they all rocked along......


Our view from behind the bandstand

Steve - centre in the red shirt - singing among the crowd


Steve's young fans braving the hot sun....

Part of the crowd in front of the bandstand


Steve came over and sang to us 'tree people'!!!!

This little girl was really having a ball!!

About 15 minutes before the end of the show lightning started flashing around and we were concerned that a storm was imminent and hoped the rain wouldn't start before Steve and the band had finished and the equipment was all packed up - and fortunately we were lucky.  After another terrific show Steve thanked us all for coming again and we all gave him and the band all the applause and cheers they deserved....  This really is a great way to celebrate Neil's birthday - I hope he celebrated well himself :-}


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