Jan 3rd

A few pics from a day trip with my sisters and brother in law to an old gold mining town

A pretty spot we found in Malmsbury on the way to Maldon

The Mount Tarrengower lookout tower on  the outskirts of Maldon.  It's a fire-spotting tower during the summer months and the top level isn't open to the public.

This is the countryside it looks out over...


The entrance to one of the old mines...

Me in the mine

The beautiful rag stone Anglican church in Maldon

How's this for a pipe organ??  Shame the console wasn't open but those pipes are magnificent!!!


One of the stained glass windows and the scissor beamed ceiling
 - Oh and Sally & Bill!

Some of the hand embroidered kneeling cushions

An interesting seat in a park in Castlemaine on the way home.  
A plaque next to it gives this explanation;

A mothers' seating place.
Created through the vision and collaboration of local mothers,
the women's steering committee and artists
Gabriele Brauer, Martine Whitcroft & Hannah Palmer.
Maia is dedicated to the patience, wisdom and love
of all mothers and celebrates their important role
in our community.
22nd June 2003

Sally & I hugging an old cedar tree...

and looking up through it's branches towards the sun....

Tina's trick photo of Sally being shot out of a cannon!!!!!!!



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