Brent's school concert

When Brent was born in October 1992, very few people had personal computers and "The Internet" was just in its infancy.
I did take many pics of him but even when I got my first computer I didn't have a scanner to be able to scan any pics and put them online.
There are more of him in with other family pics, but this is the only page dedicated to him..
There are also more of him and all the family on my Facebook page..


Entrance.jpg (55753 bytes)

Brent as Danny the Court Jester making his entrance


Juggling.jpg (58185 bytes)

Danny and the other jesters juggling and singing


Juggling1.jpg (37571 bytes)

Close up of Danny the jester juggling


Princeandprincess.jpg (77891 bytes)

The Prince finally gets his princess :-}


The younger children's story was about teeth
here's a pic of the teeth being cleaned by the toothbrush
it was very cute :-}

Toothbrush.jpg (39458 bytes)


Here's Brent at the top of his favourite climbing tree in our
front garden -
don't quite know how he gets so high!!!!!


And last, but by no means least,
one of my latest pics of Titan,
sitting up and begging for a treat
from Colin :-}

fTitanbeg.jpg (35509 bytes)