30th January 2000

Once again, we had a fabulous time at our FOND Neil birthday bash at Lone Star in Brighton.  
I think the staff are starting to get used to us, and perhaps some of them even enjoy our choice of music, too:-}

Here's a few pics of our festivities...


      crowd.jpg (42972 bytes)         

        crowd1.jpg (61599 bytes)       

One side of the room........

...and the other :-}



chris.jpg (44589 bytes)

Chris doing a great job singing some Beautiful Noise!!!


FONDAMaggi & Lissa.jpg (67589 bytes)

Me and Lissa bopping along to Chris's singing :-}


saucy.jpg (50898 bytes)

Saucy looking microphones - a couple of fans having a great time :-}













flowers.jpg (52606 bytes)

The beautiful flowers were sent by a new member who couldn't be there
but wanted to be part of the day.  Dianne rang her, and she sang
Happy Birthday along with the rest of us..


FONDA group.jpg (42617 bytes)

Happy Birthday, Neil :-}


Cake.jpg (60537 bytes)

Isn't this a fabulous cake??  It tasted great, too!!


The large pic of 'Aussie Neil' in his Akubra hat, that you can see being held on the group pic around the cake, was won by a lucky fan:-}    
Other prizes were a FOND t-shirt and windcheater - and I was thrilled to win a beautiful 8" x 10" signed pic of Neil :-}  
Dianne also made laminated placemats for us, with 7 small Neil pics on each and some of the
words to 'If You Know What I Mean' - thanks Dianne, we love 'em....
We are really looking forward to celebrating Neil's 60th next year, and have our thinking caps on to try to come up with something extra special!!!!!
We hope Neil had a fabulous day to celebrate his birthday, too :-}



This is the gorgeous pic I won -
Isn't it just yummmmmyyyyyy?? :-}