"Striving for excellence, friendship and enjoyment"
The Newcastle Budgerigar Club is a non-profit organisation originally formed in 1957 in Newcastle, Australia, with members from the Hunter Valley, Australia wide and overseas.
Club Objectives
To encourage the interest of fanciers and the general public in the breeding and development of budgerigars.
To promote the exhibition of budgerigars.
To encourage familiarity with and breeding of the rare varieties of budgerigars.
To encourage members to keep budgerigars in conditions conducive to their good health and well-being.
To stock products to assist members maintaining budgerigars' health, husbandry and housing.
To keep in touch with all members by the publication of a bi-monthly Bulletin.
To control and maintain a register of the issue of closed rings.
To encourage members to discuss matters considered important to the advancement of the Club.
To liaise with other clubs, organisations and individuals for the betterment of the hobby.
To operate the Club in a sound, business-like manner to enable financing of these objectives.
The club holds our major show each year held in February which caters for between 200 - 1000 budgerigars. The club also participates with other clubs in team challenge shows throughout the year. Smaller shows are also held at many monthly club meetings.
Magazine and Handbook
A bi-monthly magazine (approx 20 pages) containing articles, advertising, club happenings etc, is mailed (or emailed) to all members. Many of the articles of interest which appear in this web site have appeared first in the Newcastle Budgerigar Club Bulletin.
Each new member receives a very informative 40 page handbook about the club and general birdkeeping information.
Member Library
A library of books and videos is kept by the club for loan to members.
A Service Section is stocked with birdkeeping goods for sale to members and general public.
The club meets on the 4th Friday of every month (except December) at 7.30pm at Maryland Neighbourhood Centre, 207 Maryland Drive, Maryland, NSW, Australia. New members and visitors welcome.
Memberships for individuals (including Juniors), families, partnerships etc catered for.
How to Join Newcastle Budgerigar Club

Future Club Events

TBA 2022 --- Annual Show

TBA 2022 --- Budgerigar Auction

Club Documents
Club Objects
Show Rules
Supplementary Rules
To join the Newcastle Budgerigar Club only click this link to download the NBC membership form.
Send the completed form to the NBC membership registrar at the address shown on the NBC form.

How to Join Budgerigar Society of NSW (optional extra)
The Newcastle Budgerigar Club (NBC) is an associate club of the Budgerigar Society of NSW (BSNSW).
If you wish to additionally join the BSNSW (optional) you can only join the BSNSW by first being a member of an associate club such as NBC. Membership of the BSNSW allows members to purchase registered leg rings, compete in state and national shows, and receive a statewide colour magazine (in addition to the local NBC Bulletin).  BSNSW requires separate extra membership fees.
To join the BSNSW(optional)  click this link to download the BSNSW membership form.
both the completed NBC and BSNSW forms to the NBC membership registrar at the address shown on the NBC form.