WHAT VARIETIES ARE COVERED? There is detailed information about more than 60 individual budgerigar varieties. Did you know there was even that many varieties in existence? And this number doesn't even count all the various combinations of varieties possible, which adds up to millions of visually different budgerigars in existence. With the Budgerigar Variety Bible you have the information and tools to find out about any variety and most combination varieties.

Included is MORE THAN 900 FULL COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHS and diagrams.


Unlike any other book, this book is being published in electronic form and will be distributed on computer USB memory stick taking full advantage of computer technology to outdo traditional printed paper publishing.

The book has been written entirely in HTML and can be viewed and explored similar to a web page using a web browser program such as Microsoft Internet Explorer (or Netscape and many others). This technology makes reading and flipping through pages easier and more interactive, including moving backward and forward through sections, back to Table of Contents or Index etc.

Many of the photographs in the book can be zoomed in to view at a larger scale.
MORE THAN 190 COMPUTER PAGES, equivalent to more than 600 PAGES of written text, tables, photos and diagrams.


The major portion of the book is devoted to each variety in turn discussing descriptions, traits, exhibition faults, history, naming, breeding rules and photographs (including combination varieties). Not only does the Bible contain all this information which has been written and compiled by Ken Yorke but in many cases he has additionally obtained other well known third party experts from around the world to provide articles on specific varieties in order to give the most comprehensive coverage of individual varieties possible.

A separate section looks at particular features of budgerigars irrespective of varieties. For example, a section on cheek patches discusses different colours of cheek patch on any budgerigar and rules for determining cheek patch colour when different varieties are combined in one bird. Other budgerigar features such as wing markings, spots, saddle markings, tails and many more are discussed similarly in detail.

Another section looks at Breeding Rules and Genetics of budgerigars in general and tells how the genetics works in simple terms, as well as describing some of the special cases involved such as Sex-linkage, crossovers, modifiers, regulators etc.

A section on Feather Colour describes how colours are formed and it's affects on budgerigar variety colours including the causes and remedies of many variety colour faults..

Also straight forward practical information on aspects of Housing, Feeding, Breeding, Medicine and Exhibiting budgerigars.

A Glossary of Terms is included, explaining common, simple and technical terms related to budgerigars. An Index with cross references throughout the book, so you simply look up the index, click on the reference and you are instantly transported to that page to view. Also a Search  facility is included to find references to any specific word throughout the enitire book and transport you there.

A WORLDWIDE LIST OF BUDGERIGAR CLUBS AND ORGANISATIONS is given in another section with contact details. For those clubs who have internet email and web addresses listed, it is possible to simply mouse click on the text link in the Bible and you are immediately sent to the club's website or can send them an email. ( You need your own Internet service and email program to make full use of this feature.)


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It's like a reference book, but on a computer USB
memory stick with all the advantages of computer

The book looks at all the mutant colours and
varieties and gives details of their
•  History - who first bred them or recognized
them and where and when.
Naming - including local, international, historical
and genetic names.
•  Variety Features - details of what makes them
different from the wild bird and other varieties.
•  Breeding Rules - Full breeding and genetic
•  Variety Faults - The common problems or traits
associated with the variety.
•  Photographs - Photos of each variety in many
colours and in combination with other varieties.
•  Expert Information - Other articles in great
detail giving the best information available on
varieties including many articles and photos from
the breeders of the original mutations.