Rare and unusual mutations of domestic budgerigars for sale. (Within Australia, subject to exportation laws.)

Availability of stock will vary from time to time. Full pedigrees and breeding information available to purchasers on request.

Rare Varieties bred include:-


Faded Opaline Grey Green

Comparison: Faded Opaline Grey Grey & Opaline Grey Green

Darkwing Yellow

Darkwing White

(includes Darkwing Yellow, Darkwing White, Cinnamonwing Darkwing Yellow, Cinnamonwing Darkwing White. Opaline, Clearwing and Greywing forms of the Darkwing are sometimes available also.)


Dark Eyed Clears

Dutch Pieds
(also known as Continental Clearflighted pieds)

Other varieties also available:-
Yellow, White, Greywing, Clearwing, Lacewing, Australian Yellow Face, Lutino, Albino, Australian Dominant Pied, Australian Fallow, Cinnamonwing, Opaline, Spangle (including double factor), Violet and numerous unusual combinations of the above varieties.

Price on application.
Enquiries by email  kyorke@tpg.com.au, phone/fax (02) 49886539.

Livestock (Rare Budgerigars)