Calcium block (100gm) supplement for caged birds, essential for bone, egg and muscle formation.

Mineral and grit supplement for caged birds. High in calcium content plus other minerals including charcoal powder. Also contains minute insoluble grit particles essential for good digestion and grinding of food. Proven formula in use for over 20 years.

Available in powder form (500gm) for feeding in bowls, trays, and finger drawers and also available in block form (100gm) with hanging wire.

Washed, crushed and graded charcoal for feeding to caged birds. A useful part of a caged bird's diet and one of natures own aids to bird medicine.

Iodine block (100gm) supplement for caged birds containing a blend of calcium and iodine compounds.
Calcium Blocks    (pack of 6 x 100gm) Aust $5.00
Calcium Blocks   (bulk bag of 20 x 100gm) Aust $15.00
Iodine Blocks         (pack of 6 x 100gm) Aust $5.00
Iodine Blocks        (bulk bag of 20 x 100gm) Aust $15.00
MIN-GRIT Powder    (500gm) Aust $8.00
MIN-GRIT Blocks     (pack of 6 x 100gm) Aust $5.00
Charcoal                  (200gm) Aust $2.50

Mineral Supplements for Caged Birds

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