All YORKE software products are now being distributed on USB memory sticks. The use of CDROMS is now phased out.

July 2016

A number of video tutorials for YORKE software programs have been added to the website on a new Tutorials Page. These videos can also be viewed in YouTube.


June 2016

Copies of YORKE software products User Manuals in the Download Page have now been converted to PDF format for easier viewing and downloading.


December 2015

All YORKE programs are compatible with Windows 10 operating system. We currently do not recommend the new Microsoft Edge web browser for viewing Budgerigar Variety Bible. (It does work, but viewing in Microsoft Internet Explorer is much better.)

December 2014

Second edition of the BUDGERIGAR VARIETY BIBLE released. Completely revised with extra varieties, extra articles, extra photographs. Higher resolution photographs. Additional new chapters on feather colour, housing, feeding, medicine, breeding and exhibiting. Go to the BUDGERIGAR VARIETY BIBLE page.

June 2013
STAMPEC Stamp Record Keeping Software has been withdrawn from sale.

August 2011
A DOWNLOAD PAGE added to the YORKE website.
This page allows existing users to download files (including newly created specialised reports and modified standard reports which have been submitted by YORKE or other users) for use by the user community.

December 2010
Major upgrade and modernisation to the YORKE website.

January 2010
THE SHOW MANAGER V4.02 (Upgrade Patch for V4.01) available.

The TSM402ZIP.EXE patches TSM V4.01 up to V4.02.
It should be run TWICE.
FIRST TIME:= the unzip folder should be C:\SHOWMAN4 (this is the default)
SECOND TIME:= the unzip folder should be C:\SHOWMAN4\ORIGREPORT

This patch fixes an issue with preprinted prizecards and labels where, in some circumstances, incorrect data from the previously printed card (or label) is displayed in the four user-defined lines of text of the current card (or label).

New versions of the following report files will be installed overwriting the existing versions,

October 2009
BUDGEN 5.1 released. A minor upgrade to BUDGEN 5.0 with a revised help system for better compatibilty with Windows Vista.

September 2009
THE SHOW MANAGER V4 software released. The latest version of the exhibition management system. Dozens of new features and enhancements over the old version 3 including:- Viewing multiple databases and/or reports on screen at the same time. Customisable and Favourite Layout data forms. One touch pre-defined filters (such as show winners only, Show classes with entries, show major awards only etc). Enhanced existing reports and new reports including:- more predefined prizecard and label layouts, Award Presentation List, Late Entries List etc. Backup and restore data to CDRW, DVDRW and USB flash drives. On networked computers a special Slave mode of TSM is provided allowing a second computer to do printing and enquiries while the master computer is doing data entry. PLUS MANY MANY more new features.

May 2008
BIRDREC V8 software released. The latest version of the ultimate bird record keeping system. More than a 100 new features and enhancements over the old version 7 including:- additional data fields for Aviary Number, For_Sale, Egg Numbers, Egg Status and Egg comments. Viewing multiple databases and/or reports on screen at the same time.Customisable and Favourite Layout data forms. One touch pre-defined filters (such as In-stock birds, Current year birds, Currently breeding pairs, This year's Budget data etc). Enhanced existing reports and new reports including:- a 5 generation Pedigree report, Aviary List, For Sale List, Currently Breeding Pairs Report, Year Index List, Egg and Hatchling Status Statistics, Breeding Statistics Graphs, Monthly Wall Calendar etc. Backup and restore data to CDRW, DVDRW and USB flash drives. PLUS MANY MANY more new features.

April 2007
EQUINE GENETIC CALCULATOR software released. A horse and donkey progeny colour predictor for matings. Also includes photographs of different horse and donkey colours.

November 2006
AVIAN GENETIC CALCULATOR software released. A bird progeny colour and variety predictor covering over 60 species of caged birds and their various colour and variety mutations. Also includes over 160 photographs of different bird varieties.

April 2006
YORKE has massively upgraded the book section of our website with hundreds of new titles added and the addition of MUSIC CDs, DVDs and major brand name SOFTWARE. Check out the BIG BOOK AND MEDIA SPOT of our website. The section has the full resources of our worldwide affiliated stockist Amazon. You will be surprised at some of the bargains on new and discount goods.

January 2006
YORKE is now affiliated with the largest on-line auction and retail seller eBay. We have done the hard work to search out the best bargains on the web in eBay in your categories of interest. We have bird, fish, horse and philatelic bargains galore and more coming. The list of goodies available changes every hour so keep looking in to see what you might find. Just click on the links where you see BARGAINS in each relevant area of our web site.

August 2005
Due to thousands of customer requests, IODINE BLOCKS have now been added to the range of YORKE mineral and grit supplements for caged birds.

July 2004
BUDGERIGAR VARIETY BIBLE released. A budgerigar reference book on a CD. Covers over 50 budgerigar varieties including naming, history, descriptions, faults, genetics and over 600 full colour photographs.

April 2003
STAMPREC released. STAMPREC is a computer software tool to help philatelists (stamp collectors) completely organise all aspects of their hobby. It includes all aspects of stamps, stamp collections, covers, postcards, phonecards, perfins, maxi cards, catalogues, costs, values, photographs, diary, auctions, personal contacts, web links to clubs, dealers, catalogue publishers, reports and listings, album pages and much much more.

August 2002
YORKE is now affiliated with the world's largest on-line book seller Amazon. We can now have a selection of books, magazines and videos on specific subjects as aviary birds, horses, harness racing and stamp collecting for the hobbyist and professional. In fact, we can even get books on any subject.

On our book page we have highlighted a range of new books available and we even have a search engine for you to locate all sorts of items including used, out of print and collectible items as they come onto the market.

So next time you are looking for a book then come to the YORKE web site to see what's the latest and then browse around and purchase with confidence backed by Amazon.

Note: All purchases of this type are processed through the Amazon payment and delivery system. All other existing non-Amazon products are processed through the YORKE order and payment system.

January 2002
PAYPAL secure automated payment and ordering system implemented.
You now have the choice to purchase items from YORKE using the PAYPAL system. All you need is a major credit card and an email address and you are able to purchase items over the internet immediately. PAYPAL is available for use in many countries and is accepted by many businesses etc.
You can of course still purchase items using the manual system of cheques/money orders and air-mail if desired.

January 2002
BIRDREC Version 7.0 released.
New features include a new database for show results and pointscores and accompanying new reports. Enhanced bird bloodline features including manual or automatic calculation, storage in a new bloodline database and accompanying new reports. New statuses for Loaned or Borrowed birds. Buyer and Seller names stored in Budget database and linked to Contacts database. Add several Recurring dates to Diary database (eg quarterly medicine routines) on one screen. A new Quick Variety List report allows rapid creation of simple lists in seconds without the need to use the full blown report writer. Maintenance of databases improved with multiple sort orders on screen, save your favorite screen layout. A new Close Relative report. Improved error checking and user friendly messages. Many more new features.

October 2001
THE SHOW MANAGER Version 3.0 released.
New features include databases for judges and contacts (master mailing list). Calculate entry fees, enter multiple judging results from a single window form (faster data entry), improved error checking. Addition of prizes and minor sponsors for classes and awards. New improved report writer/editor. Additional and improved reports. Improved support for inkjet and laser printers. Many more new features.

January 2001
Budgerigar A4 Show Diplomas released. Made to order diplomas of any budgerigar variety.

November 2000
Framed decorative wall pictures of any variety and colour of budgerigar in a natural setting can now be ordered.

October 2000
Release of BUDGEN Version 5, the newest version of the popular budgerigar genetics and illustration software program.
Version 5 is a 32 bit Windows program which runs on Windows'95 or better. New budgerigar mutations have been added. The illustration feature has been upgraded to produce full size 256 colour high resolution pictures. All pictures can be viewed on screen, sent to printer or imported into your favourite graphics program (if you want to use or manipulate the picture for some other special purpose)

September 2000
Due to public demand, calcium blocks have been added to the mineral supplement range. Blocks are 100gms each in a pack of 6.

August 2000
For fans of Harness Racing (Trotting and Pacing). A range of decorative and technical standardbred horse pedigrees is available. These are available for most Australian and New Zealand bred registered standardbreds.

August 2000
Added a page for you to advertise birds or bird related items. Private persons can advertise on this site for FREE for 3 months. Cheap commercial rates also available for businesses or long term ads.

June 2000
Patch BIRDREC V6 up to V6.04. If you want to create Labels or Cross-tabular reports with Birdrec's built in report writer you will need two extra files. If you don't want to use these features , you don't need the patch, however I recommend you download anyway. Users who already have version 6.04 (check your Rego number on your CD) do not need the patch.
1. Download the BR604.EXE file by clicking on the link below. This file is a self-extracting Zip file. Download the file into your BIRD6 folder (directory).
2. Then double click on the BR604.EXE file to extract the two extra files (dbfcdx.rdd &_dbfcdx.rdd) into your BIRD6 folder.

February 2000
A new Demonstration CD of all programs.

January 2000
Release of BIRDREC Version 6 for Windows.

June 1999
Official launch of YORKE website.

March 1999
Release of THE SHOW MANAGER V2 for Windows. Computerised exhibition management software.

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