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Janaton's Clients are Winners at the 33e Salon International Des Inventions, Geneva - 2005

William C. Horton of Janaton Represents Clients's to the President of Singapore

William C. Horton of Janaton Networking with the Western Sydney Business Connection

William C. Horton of Janaton is Elected to the Board of the Asian Business Connection

William C. Horton of Janaton Mentor's the Successful Launch of the Liz Fell Agency (NSW DSRD Program)

Liz Fell Comments... Liz Fell, The Naked Theatre Company and Naked Management, 2004 Western Sydney Program After overcoming the challenges and obstacles of making her business a commercial and financial success, Liz Fell of The Naked Theatre Company decided to expand her enterprise to provide management for emerging writers, directors, designers and stage managers in theatre, film and television. Liz decided to join the Women in Business Mentor Program to improve her business skills and to use a mentor as a sounding board. She was teamed with William Horton of Janaton Pty Ltd as her mentor and together they set about helping Liz put in place the steps to ensure the long-term survival and success of her business. "Participating in the Women in Business Mentor Program has really opened my eyes as to how I can achieve my business goals," Liz said. "Even though I had no business skills training prior to starting the Program, I found the workshops on business and financial planning so accessible and the ideas easy to implement in my business. "Now that I have my business plan, goals and vision written down, it makes selling what I do so much more effective. Having completed the Program, I am a better networker and much more bold when it comes to meeting people," Liz commented. Top of Page Lisa Dunn, Osborne Gallery, 2004 Shoalhaven Program Lisa's business, Osborne Gallery, is a contemporary art gallery that promotes the works of artists in and around the Shoalhaven. Lisa runs this business as well as an electrical and air conditioning business with her husband, Wayne. "Moving our business from a home-based business into an old renovated house I saw an opportunity to display the work of local artists, as well as my own, in a business environment," she said. "Both businesses have grown a lot since moving into the new premises and I needed to get additional skills to manage them better and grow them further." Lisa was a mentoree in the Shoalhaven Women in Business Regional Program, co-ordinated by the South East Community College in Nowra. She wanted to be part of the Program so she could network more, develop new marketing ideas, plus gain some business planning tools and skills. "The mentoring group was great. I gained so much from working with our diverse group of six women, plus our two very skilled mentors Gaynor Sims, from the Silos Estate, and Kate Khoury, from Life and Learning. "Our group not only learned a great deal from each other, we also had so much fun doing it!" Lisa said. "Kate and Gay were big on each of us gaining personal confidence as well as having 'fun' doing our business." Lisa added, "The most important thing I gained from the Program was the accounting and marketing information and the enormous amount of friendship and support from our mentoring group."

Janaton's Collaboration/Alliance Methodology Reported by the Western Sydney IT Cluster (WSITC)

WSITC commentsCollaboration/Alliance Methodology Reported by the Western Sydney IT Cluster (WSITC)

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