Janaton's Provides Engineering Services for Large Vehice and Communication projects to Automation to Photonics to Chemical and Research to assist in:

  • Concept development.
  • Design and analysis.
  • Prototyping.
  • Test and evaluation.
  • Manufacture.
  • Commissioning.
  • Training.
  • Through life support.
  • Export Services.

Janaton's Engineering Services Include:

  • Program and Project Management (Openplan, MS-Project).
  • Systems Engineering
    • Application of Systems Engineering practices on small and large equipment acquisition and infrastructure projects, using commercial and/or military standards.
    • Formal Risk Management from product to enterprise level (Predict).
    • Technical Reviews and Audits.
    • Configuration Management of documents and equipment build states.
    • Management of Specifications using requirements analysis toolsets such as RDT or CORE.
  • Design
    • Creative and innovative product design.
    • Solids modelling using computer aided design tools such as PRO-ENGINEER, CATIA, SOLID-EDGE and SOLID-WORKS.
    • Stress analysis with finite element modelling and analysis software tools such as PATRAN/NASTRAN.
    • Electrical / electronic design embracing:
      • Systems architectures for complete projects such as automated machine control.
      • Printed circuit board design, using software tools such as PROTEL.
      • On board processor design for control functions.
      • Software development for automated machine control.




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