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 Janaton- Corporate Overview



Janaton is a Business and Engineering Consultancy


Janaton Achieves the Organisational Objective by a Sophisticated Integration of Capital, Knowledge & Ability coupled with Strategy, implementation & Experience.

Janaton has the unique ability to bring new developments and products to market by professionals who are dual qualified in both the Sciences/Engineering and Management.

Janaton Realises the Vision with capabilities in the development of new products/equipment and integrated systems by:

  • Providing business solutions to achieve organisational objectives from Strategy to Marketing to Operations to Distribution
  • Commercialising products and services by building Value at each stage along the commercialisation pathway, maximising Organisational Benefits.
  • Achieving these organisational objectives with Programme and Project expertise. Janaton packages both the Business and Technical solution across technologies and organisations from Researchers to Research Commercialisation Units to Not-for-profit, Public & Private Organisations.
  • Enabling Organisations to access Government programmes from Innovation (125% tax concession, commercial ready grant) to Export (Export Market Development Grant).
  • Promoting organisational objectives by Lobbying and achieving Strategic Partnerships
  • Raising Capital from Private Angels to Venture Capitalists to IPOs


Janaton provides services (Business solutions, Commercialisation & Engineering) to:

  • Redefine the Organisation for International Business
  • Establishes the Infrastructure Required for Success
  • Takes New Products to Market with Maximum Benefits (Commercialisation & Beyond)
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Specialist Engineering and Electronic Services


Janaton's organisation enabling services include export, IP, IT/ICT, legal to logistics.




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