Leinster Drive-In

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Recent History

The 'Leinster Drive-In and Open Air Theatre', as it is officially known, re-opened its gates to the viewing public back in October of 1996. With the help of 'cinema guru' Ron Tutt, of Artistralia in Perth, the Leinster Drive-in was reborn with two 'new' carbon-rod projectors and a volunteer projection crew of three:Rob Saunders, Claire Jones and Iain Dawson. After a short, three day intensive course, we embarked upon our first showing: Balto and Twister, which really packed the crowds in.

Despite a few hiccups in those early days the drive-in has grown and prospered. With a dedicated crew of cooks, candy bar attendants and technical crew the drive-in runs at least once a month, all year round. Recently we've had an upgrade of equipment, which includes: a Xenon lamp, for improved picture clarity and brightness; a tower, for ease of operation; and an improved sound system, which includes Dolby stereo in the central viewing area.

With a dedicated and loyal following, it is hoped Leinster Drive-In will continue to entertain the crowds in the northern goldfields for sometime to come.