Narrow Gauge Railroad Modelling

 Narrow Gauge railways attracts modellers in a way that is quite different from mainline rail.  The range of unique lines is huge and the variety of models which can be built and operated is expanded all the time as the Internet, magazines and modeller interaction provides more prototype information.  

 orrnd09.gif - 159 Bytes  bllarrr.gif - 214 Bytes Laurie Green's On3 Layout - Colorado Prototype
 orrnd09.gif - 159 Bytes  bllarrr.gif - 214 Bytes Laurie Green - Modelling 30inch gauge
 orrnd09.gif - 159 Bytes  bllarrr.gif - 214 Bytes Enterprise Mining Co - On30
 orrnd09.gif - 159 Bytes  bllarrr.gif - 214 Bytes Narrow Gauge Downunder - an Australian n.g.magazine

 - NTrak standards ensure that modules, built by clubs or individuals, can be transported to shows/conventions and assembled into large layouts for a quick start to operations.  Narrow gauge in N scale has been around for some years but is still quite uncommon. Narrow gauge models in HO and in O scale have become the scales which set the standards. Many modellers building their chose of mining, timber, and mountain scenes.

Photos of a variety of layouts are shown below to give an idea of narrow gauge modelling: also listings specialist magazines.

Laurie Green - Boom Town Colorado - Photo by Ian Petherick

  In Melbourne Laurie Green has established a reputation for his excellent modelling standards.  He has won a number of international prizes including Best of Show at the NMRA convention in Portland and the USA Narrow Gauge convention in Durango.   Within Australia, over the last 10 years or more, he has exhibited layouts, and numerous models in O and HO scales - especially the narrow gauge variations of HOn3 On3 and On30.

  These photos of his recent O scale (1:48) layout show the realistic appearance resulting from high standard modelling and  Laurie's ability to stage scenes in a convincing style.  Each is constructed as a large diorama.  The photo above is of three foot gauge Colorado railroad style whereas the layout shown on the right is only 30inch gauge - modelled in On30 scale/gauge. [Photos: Ian Petherick] Enterprise Mining Co
The Engine Shop at Enterprise Mining Co   Laurie's model of the Engine shop at Enterprise Mine shows the typical clutter of tools and parts in the loco shed that might have existed in Maldon's mine loco shed. In fact the deep mining in Victoria's Goldfields typically did not have engine sheds
Now in its eighth year, the magazine Narrow Gauge Downunder  is an Australian produced magazine which has through its encouragement of local modelling built up growing sales. Distribution is only through speciality hobby shops and subscriptions. Narrow Gauge Downunder

The American magazine Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette   has been published for more than 27 years and continues to set the standard for dedicated narrow gauge modellers.

The NGSL Gazette is also only available through speciality outlets in some Australian capital cities.  It features USA modelling and prototype but not exclusively.  Articles and photos from overseas (Australia) are often included in the Gazette.

It has become such an excellent source of articles, drawings and information that there is a good market for secondhand copies.

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