A Sydney trolleybus survivor

In 1988, the camera of Laurence Collis of Sydney, New South Wales captured these three photographs of Sydney trolleybus #19.

It is believed that they were taken at Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci (a suburb of Sydney) on the occasion of the unveiling of the restored bus.  You will notice that the poles are down - and, of course, there is no evidence of overhead wires.  The sign in the drivers cab window says "The Last Trolleybus in NSW."  I was fascinated to see what appears to be masking tape around some of the windows and windscreen .. I presume they had not fitted the replacement glass and must have taped some perspex in place as a temporary measure.
In their day, these particular trolleybuses ran between Rockdale, Kogarah and Sans Souci.

For those interested in information about the Sydney trolleybus system, a book called "Sydney Trolley Buses" by Ian MacCowan was published in 1988 by Research Publications, Pty. Ltd., 12 Terra Cotta Drive, Blackburn, Vic. 3130.
It may no longer be in print, but ISBN 0 949600 19 9 may help you locate it at a library.

My thanks to David Ballantine, North Vancouver, Canada for this contribution.

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