RF28 at home in Chipperfield

In 1997, Big Red's owner visits a Green Line cousin, 1951 vintage RF28 - LYF 379
which was then owned and much cared for by
Glynne Rees (Chipperfield) and John Ambrose (Hemel Hempstead) Hertfordshire.

RF28 - In Chipperfield - pic #1

Huh?  Who said he looks like Blakey in the TV series "On The Buses"?
RF28 sports the HH (Hemel Hempstead) garage stencil with running number 28.
No-one seems to care if she can't make up her mind
if she is running on the Green Line 708 or Country area 352.

RF28 - In Chipperfield - pic #2
Glynne and John kindly let Eric get behind the wheel in a serious driving mode.
As Big Red had been off the road for so long, he was rather nervous!  Perhaps he had forgotten how to handle a pre-selective gearbox after all these years.
Nah!  He need not have worried.  It is like sex and riding a bicycle.  You never forget how to do it.  (You just sometimes don't get the chance for a while!)
Oooooh! The Feeling!