RT class members in their new home in South Africa

After distinguished service in London, on to a new life in South Africa.

The original prints of these photos are dated November, 1973: Aussie photographer unknown

RTW 96 (CA 6669)

RTW 96 (CA 6669) stands waiting to start a day's work in the South African sun, somewhat naked, stripped of guard rails, wheel trims and "dustbin lids" and offering to the world a meagre destination blind and an 'orrible "ducky" little bumper bar!

RT ?? (CA 30953) and RTL 1346 (CA 80843)


        .... while under cover, roof box RT ?? (CA 30953) and RTL 1346 (CA 80843) quietly rest in their new and final home.

  From all accounts, most of these exports to South Africa had hard lives,
and literally fell to pieces in service.
Thanks to David Munton, Cape Town, for the fleet number information!
Any further information would be appreciated.   Please