The Buckskins

Sooty Buckskins

1-Brosha Park Myffawny.jpg (38526 bytes)

 <<Light Buckskin - Pale cream, dark points are not very strong.

Standard Buckskin - Cream, but has stronger black points >> 

2-Brosha Park Shandie.JPG (31765 bytes)

Gold base with brown overlay, which gives a brown sooty appearance >>  

5-Brown overlay.JPG (41812 bytes)

3-Brosha Park Sambucca.JPG (25916 bytes)

 <<Gold Buckskin with iridescence - A deep gold with and iridescent sheen in the sunlight.

6-Brosha Park Fantom.JPG (31253 bytes)

 <<Gold base with black overlay & dapples

Gold buckskin with dapples >>  

4-Stanton Park Fern.JPG (28701 bytes)

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Red Duns


These are the Dun form of Chestnuts & come in a similar range of colours from dark to very light.  Legs & Face are usually 2-3 shades darker than the body & frosting on mane & tail is 2-3 shades lighter than the body.  Dorsal stripe is a red chestnut colour.

Golden - A clear gold body colour with face being 2-3 shades darker, legs are either very dark brown or black, mane & tail are black with frosting that is slightly lighter than body colour & dorsal stripe is reddish brown. 

10-Brosha Jaydene.jpg (30038 bytes)


8-Brosha Parrish.JPG (32776 bytes)


11-Brosha Renegade.JPG (33689 bytes)

Brown - Body colour is smokey brown at birth & goes a deep chocolate usually with a gold tinge in the flank & girth area in adult.  Legs & face are slightly darker than body, often with grulla coloured muzzle.  Dorsal strip is usually black, mane & tail can have a creamy gold frosting

12-Brosha Carisma.JPG (32447 bytes)


9-brown Duns.jpg (39994 bytes)

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This is the Dun form of Black & colours range from very dark charcoal through to an almost silver.  Despite the fact that they appear a grey colour they are not 'greys'.  They do not have white hairs through the body as greys and roans do.  This is also their natural coat colour, you do not have to clip them to get colour.  I have seen many ponies referred to as a Grulla when in fact they are only freshly clipped black or brown.  As on the other Duns - legs & face are always darker & dorsal stripe is black


13-Fenwick Miracle.JPG (35605 bytes)


14-Brosha Brocky.JPG (30094 bytes)


15-light grulla.jpg (26356 bytes)


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Dun Characteristics & Primitive Markings

1. DORSAL STRIPES...... A dark stripe running along the spine, usually from poll & down through the tail.

16-Dorsal stripe on Grulla.JPG (18091 bytes)

18-dorsal stripe on red dun.JPG (20704 bytes)

17- dorsal stripe on golden dun.JPG (23748 bytes)

19- dorsal stripe on Buckskin.jpg (31445 bytes)


Red Dun

Golden Dun Buckskin

2. LEG BARRING...... These are dark stripes above the knee & around the hock area

On Red Dun

20-leg barring on red dun.jpg (11193 bytes)

21- leg barring on grulla.JPG (33941 bytes)

On Grulla

3. FACE MASK......This is where the face shows a distinct darker appearance especially across the bridge of the nose & around the eyes.

On Red Dun

22-Face mask on red dun.JPG (21053 bytes)

23-face mask on grulla.JPG (25783 bytes)

On Grulla

4. EAR TIPPING & PIPING......Ear tipping is the dark tips on the back of the ear & the piping is the dark edge around the ear.

24 ear tipping & piping.JPG (18956 bytes)

Ear Tipping on Red Dun & Ear piping on Grulla

5. SHOULDER SHADOWS & STRIPES......These are darker shadows & stripes across the wither area.

25-shoulder shadow on buckskin.JPG (34159 bytes)

26- shoulder shadow on grulla.jpg (25281 bytes)

27- stripes on new born foal.JPG (17067 bytes)

          On a Buckskin           On a Grulla         On a new born foal

6. COBWEBBING......This is a cobweb like pattern found on the forehead radiating from the forelock to the eyes.  In this photo the lines are very faint & only some are visible.

28-Cobwebbing.JPG (37618 bytes)

On Grulla

7. MANE & TAIL FROSTING.....This is the lighter coloured hair seen on either side of the mane & usually at the top of the tail.

Tail frosting on Red Duns

29- tail frosting on red dun.JPG (32587 bytes)

mane frosting(shanno).JPG (20253 bytes)

Mane on Golden Dun showing frosting either side of the black mane.

8. MOTTLING & REVERSE DAPPLING.....This is small dark patches or circles usually found on the upper part of the legs, shoulders and thigh areas.

Mottling on legs of Red Dun & Grulla

30-mottling on duns.JPG (20208 bytes)

6-Brosha Park Fantom.JPG (31253 bytes) Reverse dappling on Buckskin

9. NECK AND SHADOWS & STRIPES.....These are dark lines or shadows similar to those on the shoulder area.

31-neck shadow on buckskin.JPG (37384 bytes)

27- stripes on new born foal.JPG (17067 bytes)

 Neck shadow on Buckskin

Stripe on Dun bred foal

Another characteristic which seems to be present on the wild/native Duns is a distinctive pale coronet band, as shown in photo.

32- coronet bands.jpg (49838 bytes)


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