This page is dedicated to all owners of BROSHA ponies. We would like to acknowledge all those who are getting "ahead" in their chosen field of competition & also tell a few "tales" of any events involving any of our ponies.  So if you have a Brosha pony, whether it be a kids pony, PC pony or just used for breeding, we would love to hear from you :)

CONGRATULATIONS to Joey Manton & Joey’s Mate (Brosha Little Mouse) on winning the 2006 Pony Trots Echuca Cup.

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO  Joey & Mouse on being named the 2006-2007 PONY TROTTER OF THE YEAR


Joey Manton continues to be successful with B Little Mouse, who races under the name of Joey’s Mate. They recently won the Mooroopna Pony Cup from 11 starters. Congratulations Joey keep up the good work.


Joey & Mouse are having a great season in the pony trots & at the time of this update Mouse is the leading pony for 2006-2007 in Victoria.


Congratulations to Amber & Lily on the purchase of BP Fameshon. Jonny, or Fizzy as he is now called has settled in well & we believe Lily is riding him around everywhere. We look forward to more updates on these two & wish them well for the future.




We would like to wish Travice Thirkell all the best with Fabian. Looks like they are going to make a top team.



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