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Aussie Strine
A guide for the uninitiated

A quick word of explanation first: I have drawn deeply on the experience and humour of Alistair Morrison, better known as Afferbeck Lauder, in bringing this invaluable resource to you. By the time you work your way through this page, you will have at your fingertips a number of useful phrases which just may save you acute embarrassment one day.

Consider the following real life experience of British novelist Monica Dickens, as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald on 30 November 1964. Monica was signing copies of her latest book at a bookstore in Sydney, when a lady handed her a book, saying "Emma Chisit?"  The author dutifully wrote, 'To Emma Chisit' inside the front cover of the book and passed it back.  Can you see what had happened?

Click here to hear what Emma Chisit really said.  Ah - it's so obvious once you know the lingo!  The lady was saying in her best Strine, "How much is it?", but being from the Motherland, Monica couldn't understand her.  Alistair Morrison was inspired by this event, to write a Strine-English phrasebook, using the pseudonym Afferbeck Lauder, which is itself a Strine phrase.  Can you pick it?  It might help if you recall that a phrasebook is set out in alphabetical order.

Now, lets imagine a scene in an ordinary suburban home.  Bev is on the phone to a friend.  Generally, I'll leave you to fill in the conversation on the other end of the phone with whatever suits you. Click on each underlined phrase to hear it spoken, and the translation buttons for a cheat sheet!

"Jareedna piper wairtsed abat the bushfires?"

"Eiche nardly bleevit."

"Yeah. Shockin' - Gonnynews?"

"Yagunna goda Mairlben freester?"

"Icon ardlywait."

"Jegoda the footy?"

Friend: "Nar dingo - sorten tv."

"Waddya think of Smithy? Idney great!?"

"Eeza rep bairg."

"Eediddit without retrine."

"Whine cher comoveren avtee?"

"I was zony sane lar snite we oughter seeyas."

"Sleece tiger do."

"Jeer that noise? Wodger reckna itizScettin lairder."

To be continued....

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