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Just before her death Grandma Jane Sinclair wrote the following verse from a poem
by George Linnaeus Banks in her autograph book,

"I live for those that love me,
For those that know I am true
For the heaven that smiles above me,
And awaits my coming too,
For the cause that needs assistance,
For the wrong that needs resistance,
For the future in the distance,
And the good that I can do"
-signed J Sinclair Jan 8th 1910.

A footnote was added
"She lived an angels life doing good to all and left us in sorrow for ever."-signed W.J.Sinclair,Jan25th 1911,
"Christ take her in thy care" WJS/My loved wife Jane Sinclair.

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  • This page is concerned mainly with research into the history of the Sinclair, Sutton, McCarthy, Adams, Agnew, Edwards, Ward, Blay, Guilfoyle, Garrity (Geraghty), Boxshall & Walkley families and to those other families we have contacted through marriage.

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    John Longhurst (b.1515), Thomas Blay (b1815), George Charles Blay (b1817)
    , Henry Blay (b 1826), Harmony Blay (b 1828), Charles Harmony Blay (b 1851), Irene May Hanlon (nee Blay) (b 1903), Ellen Louisa Ward (nee Blay) (b 1907), John Boxhall (b 1702), William Boxshall (b 1803), James Boxshall (b 1807), Sarah Boxshall (b 1827), James Geraghty/Garrity (b 1813)
    and other family members.

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    Jamie Sinclair(b 1811),Michael Clogher(b 1810),William James Sinclair (b1844),Sarah Strahley (nee Sinclair) (b 1874),Sidney Gordon Sinclair (b1885), Raymond Sinclair (b1893) Cyril Sinclair (b 1896), Baden Sinclair (b 1901), Nina Phillips (nee Sinclair) (b 1901), Patrick John Sinclair (b1903), Karl Sinclair (b 1903), Noreen Sinclair (neeTolhurst) (b 1909), William Moncrief Sinclair (b1910), Sidney Sinclair (b 1901) & Thelma Sinclair (nee Menzies) (b 1904)

    On the Sutton link you will find stories on
    Septimus Sutton (b1762), Charles Lowe Sutton (b 1810), "Grannie" Mary Ann (nee Guilder) Sutton (b 1812), Charles Henry Sutton (b 1837)Ernest Bundarra Sutton (b 1880), Agnes Ethel Sutton (nee Porter) (b1907), (Elizabeth) Mary Sinclair (nee Sutton) (b 1908)

    On the Thunderbolt link you will find stories on
    Michael Handley Thompson Ward (b 1788), John Haswell (b 1808), Sarah Ann Ward (b 1816), Frederick Wordsworth Ward (b 1833)