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A great opportunity to introduce the proven champion bloodlines of Purrumbete Inti, Purrumbete Ledgers Dream, Purrumbete Highlander, Purrumbete El Dorado, ILR Ppperuvian Auzengate,  Windsong Valley Royal Inca and Peruvian Sonoma to your herd.

All are covered by Q-Alpaca (05/0110). Mobile matings are available, conditions apply. Stud fees are negotiable.

Grey White


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Morning Star Florimond





Ambersun Gallipoli

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Gunnamatta Catalyst



Gunnamatta Monaco



Ross Creek Orion

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Millduck Oxford






Alpha Centauri Amechi



 Alpha Centauri Amechi




  Show results include:

    1st Intermediate  Male - Med/Drk Fawn - Sydney Royal Easter Show  2015

    Champion Med/Drk Fawn Male - Sydney Royal Easter Show  2015

     3rd Intermediate Male - Med/Drk Fawn - National Show 2015

     3rd Junior Male - Med/Drk Fawn - National Show 2014





Grand Sire: Woodland Chase Milagro (SW)

  Sire: Alpha Centauri Comanchee (LF)  
  Grand Dam: Woodland Chase Chachara (SW)
  Grand Sire: Shanbrooke Society Class Act (SW)
  Dam: Alpha Centauri Alektra (SLF)  
  Grand Dam: River Ridge Rainstorm (SW)



Fleece Results:

1st Fleece (Sept 2014): 19.1u, SD 4.1u, CV 21.2%, CF 98.7%, SF 18.6u

2nd Fleece (Oct 2015): 20.1u, SD 4.2u, CV 20.7% , CF 98.0%, SF 19.5u

3rd Fleece (Sept 2016): 21.4u, SD 4.5u, CV 21.0% , CF 95.9%, SF 20.8u




We immediately fell in love with this boy when we spotted him at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 2015. He went on to win his class for Alpha Centauri Alpacas and then took out the award for Champion Medium/Dark Fawn huacaya. His fleece had the most divinely soft silky handle and we were very impressed with his sire's fleece as well (AC Comanchee).

Amechi's first fleece also won its class in the RES (6-12 mths M/Drk Fawn) and his father's fleece won Champion Huacaya fleece (48-60 mths) at the same show. Comanchee then topped off a great show for Alpha Centauri by winning Reserve Champion Mature Male. 

We feel very privileged to welcome Amechi to our herd and look forward to the arrival of his progeny in 2017.

Amechi was purchased in 2015 and is jointly owned by ourselves, Warralinga & Alpacandes.



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 Gunnamatta Catalyst




  Show results include:

Champion Intermediate Male - Charles Ledger 2009

Reserve Champion Adult Male - Castle Hill 2010

Reserve Champion Adult Male - Camden 2010

Champion Adult Male - Royal Bathurst 2010

Champion Adult Male - Hawkesbury 2010

Supreme Champion - Hawkesbury 2010

Reserve Champion Senior Male - Central West  2011

Best Med/Drk Fawn - Central West  2011

1st Mature Male - Med/Drk Fawn - Sydney Royal Easter Show  2012

Reserve Champion Mature Male - Hawkesbury  2012

Reserve Champion Mature Male - Central West  2012

1st Sire's Progeny - Hawkesbury 2014





Grand Sire: Purrumbete Highlander (SW)

  Sire: Ambersun Gallipoli (W)  
  Grand Dam: Ambersun Auze Digger (SDF)
  Grand Sire: Jilliby Lodge Celtic Mist (SW)
  Dam: Strathclyde Caitlin (SMF)  
  Grand Dam: Gunnamatta Zoe (MBR)



Fleece Results:

1st Fleece (Sept 2008):  16.3u, SD 3.5u, CV 21.6% , CF 100.0%, SF 16.0

2nd Fleece (Sept 2009): 16.0u, SD 3.6u, CV 22.2% , CF 100.0%, SF 15.7

3rd Fleece * (April 2010):  20.1u, SD 4.2u, CV 21.0%, CF 98.0%, SF 19.5

4th Fleece * (Dec 2010):  20.7u, SD 4.4u, CV 21.5%, CF 97.1%, SF 20.2

Catalyst was shorn immediately following the Hawkesbury Show and again following the National Show 2010



Catalyst is certified and offered for limited outside matings. His fantastic show record has fully vindicated our decision to purchase his sire, Ambersun Gallipoli. He extends the Gunnamatta "Highlander" range.

Many of Catalyst's progeny have followed their father's footsteps:

Gunnamatta Coco (SMBr) made an excellent start for the lineage. Her ribbons include Best Brown at Camden Show 2014 and Champion Intermediate Female & Best Brown at Hawkesbury Show 2014, Best Brown at Central West Show 2014, Champion Intermediate Female at Kempsey Show 2015, Best Brown at Moss Vale 2015, Champion Adult Female Camden 2015, Champion Adult Female at Bathurst Royal 2015, 1st in class at the Carousel of Colour 2015 and 2nd in class at the 2015 National Show.

Gunnamatta Synergy (SDF) was awarded a blue ribbon in the Intermediate Male section of the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2014, Reserve Champion Intermediate Male at Royal Bathurst Show 2014 and Best Med/Drk Fawn at Hawkesbury Show 2014. Synergy has recently been sold to Pacofino Alpacas.

Gunnamatta Chantelle (SW) won Campion Junior female at both the Kempsey Show and the Central West Show in 2015 before going on to win Champion Intermediate female at the Camden Show and again at the Hawkesbury Show in 2016. She later was awarded Reserve Champion Adult female at the Central West Show in 2016.

Gunnamatta Kayla (SDF) won Champion Junior female and Best M/D Fawn at the Camden Show in 2016, 1st in her class at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2016, Champion Junior female at the Hawkesbury Show 2016, and Reserve Champion Intermediate female at the Carousel of Colour 2016.




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 Gunnamatta Monaco




  Show results include:

1st Senior Male (Grey/Roan) - Central West 2014

1st Junior Male (Grey/Roan) - Hawkesbury Ag 2012

1st Junior Male (Grey/Roan) - Bathurst Royal 2012

1st Junior Male (Grey/Roan) - Castle Hill 2012

Reserve Champion Junior Male - Castle Hill 2012

4th Junior Male (Grey/Roan) - Sydney Royal Easter 2012





Grand Sire: Coonawarra Shogun (MG)

  Sire: Gunnamatta Marconi (MG)  
  Grand Dam: Gunnamatta Marcasite (DG)
  Grand Sire: Purrumbete D'Artagnan (LF)
  Dam: Gunnamatta Mardi Gras (RG)  
  Grand Dam: Gunnamatta Mahalia (SMB)



Fleece Results:

3rd Fleece * (2013):  22.3u, SD 4.8u, CV 21.5%, CF 93.1%, SF 21.8




True to type, certified, proud and proven, Monaco is a spotless Silver Grey with excellent conformation and solid bone structure. His sire is the highly awarded Gunnamatta Marconi whose progeny includes the Best Grey at the 2011 National Show.

His limited show career included a number of blue ribbons and has a junior he was awarded Reserve Champion at the 2012 Castle Hill Show.



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Millduck Oxford



  Show results include:

  1st Junior Male (M/D Fawn) - Melbourne Royal  2011

   2nd Junior Male (M/D Fawn) - National Show 2011

   1st Intermediate Male (M/D Fawn) - Ballarat Show 2012

    Champion Intermediate Male - Ballarat Show 2012

    Best M/D Fawn - Ballarat Show 2012

    Champion M/D Fawn Male - Colour Classic 2012

     Champion M/D Fawn Male - Colourbration 2012

     Supreme M/D Fawn  - Colourbration  2012

    1st Adult M/D Fawn Male - National Show 2012

     1st Adult M/D Fawn Male - Melbourne Royal 2013

    1st Senior M/D Fawn Male - Seymour Show 2013

    Reserve Champion Senior Male - Seymour Show 2013

    1st Senior M/D Fawn Male - Bendigo Show 2013






Grand Sire: Wyterrica Rory (SMB)

  Sire: Millduck Jarrah (SLB)  
  Grand Dam: Currabungla Briginti (SDF)
  Grand Sire: Millduck Boy George (SLF)
  Dam: Millduck Jitterbug (SW)  
  Grand Dam: Ambersun Rhiannon (SW)




Oxford is jointly owned by Gunnamatta, Warralinga and Alpacandes. For us he was a natural choice to be used over a range of our fawn girls and, when appropriate, our Gunnamatta Catalyst daughters. With his impressive show record and fleece statistics, it's believed he will help us further develop our line of championship winning light, medium and dark fawn alpacas.

1st fleece: 18.2u, SD 3.6u, CV 20.0%, CF 99.9%

2nd fleece: 17.6u, SD 3.1u, CV 17.5%, CF 100%

3rd fleece was 20.9u, SD 4.2u, CV 20.2%, CF 97.5%


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