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WHITE-GRIFFIN Family Tree (Julie's tree)

Acquisition Reform Paper (SETE 2002)

Some Papers and Reports ...

Requirements Categorization (INCOSE RWG paper - 2001)
Jane Austen - Requirements in Another World (2000)
Requirements Denial - Examining the Excuses (SETE99)
The Requirements Spectrum (SE98)
Industry Perceptions of Requirements Specifications for Complex Military Systems (INCOSE 1995)

Operational Concepts - Some Variations (SETE02)
Tradeoffs in Developing Front-End Operational Concepts (SETE02)
Front-end Operational Concepts - Starting from the Top (INCOSE 2001)

Requirements Management Tools Evaluation - User Needs and Evaluation Criteria (1997)
Requirements Management Tools Evaluation Results (PPT slides - 1997)

Using PRINCE 2 in Systems Engineering Projects (SE98)
Requirements based software upkeep
(ICOMS 95)

Microsoft Word ...

Using Word 97 for Complex Documents
Some Word macros -


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