AntiBulling/Stranger Danger:

Teaching SDA (Stranger Danger Awareness) at Tora Martial Arts Centre is an important step towards keeping our children safe.   


SDA helps children develop awareness on how to be smart, stay safe and to protect themselves from strangers.
A stranger is someone that a child does not know, but children need to understand that not all strangers present a threat to them.  
They are more likely to be harmed by someone they know and trust, rather than a person that is unfamiliar to them.
Tora’s SDA children learn the difference between a ‘safe stranger’ and an ‘unsafe stranger’.They learn what to do in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation. 
They develop an understanding on safety precautions, such as;

  • Never talking to strangers
  • Tricks that strangers may play
  • Never walking alone
  • Not accepting gifts from strangers, etc…

Tora children role play scenarios of SDA situations, learn the general rules of SDA, especially ‘JUST SAY NO TO STRANGERS’.



Bullying makes an impact on almost everyone’s life. 
Wether it be one word, a few words, a nudge or physical, 
it is widespread, harmful, but it is preventable. 
For these reasons, Tora Martial Arts Centre promotes 
the Anti-Bullying Progam by;

  • preventing bullying,
  • helping those who have been bullied,
  • or who are being bullied.

The program offers; guidance, strategies and tools to help students deal with what is happening.