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When is the Toy Library open?
The Toy Library only operates on the 2nd Thursday and following Saturday of every month from 10:00AM - 12:00PM, from the Community Renewal Building which is part of Vincent State Primary School. Access to the building is via Hodges Crescent, beside the Vincent Scout Group hut (see map).

Toy Library Dates for 2009

  Thu Sat   Thu Sat
February 12th 14th August 13th 15th
March 12th 14th September 10th 12th
April 9th 11th October 8th 10th
May 14th 16th November 12th 14th
June 11th 13th December 10th 12th
July 9th 11th January CLOSED
How much does it cost?
Annual membership is $20.00 and is due every February (discounted quarterly if joining later in the year). Toys cannot be borrowed until membership is paid in full. The borrowing fee for a toy is indicated by the written symbol marked after the toy number on every toy. If you are unsure of a toy's cost, refer to the yellow charts located inside the library on the walls. Fees range from 50¢ to $5.00 per month, depending upon the size, original cost and/or age of the toy.
What types of toys are available?
We have Ride-in cars, Slides, Climbing Gyms, Swings, Puzzles, Games, Doll's Houses, Farms, Construction, Sand/Water Play, Rockers, Walkers, Baby Gyms, Musical Instruments, See-Saws, Kitchens, Mowers, Laundries, Crawl-throughs, Workbenches, Bicycles, Pirate Ships, Jigsaws, Trucks, Fire Engines, Rescue Heroes, Bead frames, Scooters, Basketball Hoops, Roller Coasters, Go-Carts, Baby Packs, Activity Centres, Mini Trampolines, Doll's Prams, Waffle Blocks, Puppets, Role Play, Tunnels, Mobiles and much, much more.
With over 650 toys available, you should find just what you want!
How many toys may I borrow and for how long?
As a guide, we suggest a maximum of 10 toys per family, per month. Toys are borrowed for ONE MONTH only and may be returned on either the Thursday or Saturday of the following month when the Toy Library is open, regardless of which day you borrowed them. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to return the toys when they are due, so that alternative arrangements can be made. An overdue fee may also be payable for toys that are not returned when due if no prior arrangements have been made.

Who is responsible for cleaning borrowed toys?
It is the policy of the Toy Library that the cleaning of toys shall be conducted by the borrower, as the volunteers do not have the time to do such duties during borrowing days.

Prior to returning your toys

  • Clean all toys the night before return, as this not only allows the toys to dry thoroughly but also provides you with extra time to search for any missing parts prior to their return the following day.
  • Use hot, soapy water, Spray & Wipe or similar to clean the toys and then rinse with clean water.
  • An old tooth brush is ideal for those "hard to get to" areas.
  • DO NOT immerse any hollow toys, as the water is difficult to remove.
  • DO NOT immerse battery-operated toys, but wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Ensure all pieces are thoroughly dry before sealing them in their respective container. Please also ensure the containers are clean and dry as well.

You will be expected to clean dirty toys on return with facilities provided at Toy Library if they are deemed unacceptable for reborrowing.

*Note:- It is suggested that all toys borrowed and to be used by young babies, be washed and sterilised before initial use.

Please do for others what you would like them to do in return for you.

What happens if a toy breaks or is damaged?
The responsibility of ALL toys borrowed rests solely with the borrower. It is strongly recommended for the borrower to verify that the pieces in every container tallies up with the label on the container BEFORE LEAVING the Toy Library, so that if a discrepancy exists you will not be charged for any missing pieces when the toy is returned.

A $5.00 fine is payable if a toy is returned with broken or has missing pieces. If multiple pieces are broken or missing, the fine will be $5.00 per piece. If missing pieces are found at a later date, the fine shall be fully refunded. If the toy is no longer useable either through breakage or lost pieces (eg. puzzles are useless with missing pieces), the borrower will be required to pay half the original purchase price of the toy, or full replacement cost if the toy is less than 12 months old. The toy then becomes the property of the borrower. A $5.00 fine will be payable for lost or damaged containers and a $1.00 fine is payable for lost stockings or lost plastic bags. These too are fully refundable if later found and returned. A fine will also be charged for a toy which has been defaced, including ripped stickers, at the discretion of the committee.

In some instances, there are extra pieces associated with a toy that will not detract from its functionality and the borrower is under no obligation to take them, if they so wish.

May I reserve a toy?
With more than 650 toys available, you will never see every toy on display when you visit. Many of the large toys are very popular and it may be necessary for you to make a reservation. Reserves are taken for up to three months in advance and only 1 large toy may be reserved for any one month. To verify your reservation and to save time, the borrower is requested to pay for the toy at the time of reservation.

Some toys for hire require batteries and in most instances you will find that these toys already have batteries in them, however these are for demonstration purposes only. The borrower is requested to remove these demonstration batteries when they return home and replace them with their own batteries. Before returning the toys, the borrower is requested to replace their batteries with the demonstration batteries.

Despite being designated as "outdoor toys", please do not leave such toys outside in direct sunlight for any length of time, as the harsh North Queensland sun accelerates their deterioration.

Please notify us immediately of any change of address or phone number.

If for any reason the borrower is unable to return their borrowed toys on the due date, has a suggestion on how to improve our service, a request for a specific toy or has any other queries, please email Child's Play.

*Note: Since we do not open in January, all borrowed toys in December will be a two month rental and hence will incur double the usual monthly hire fee.

Toys are borrowed at your own risk, and any personal injury or property damage or loss of any kind whatsoever occasioned through or in connection with the borrowing and/or use of the items by any person is not the responsibility of Child’s Play Association Inc. or its Committee Members, either collectively or individually.


Where and when
Shady Babes Playgroup is held every Wednesday at Heatley Community Centre, Lindeman Ave, Heatley (Next to Long Tan Pool) from 9:00am to 11:00am (see map) and is very casual. We have a huge craft cupboard and lots of toys to play with.