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Health - Australia's premier pregnancy website and resource for pregnancy and birth information online.
Bub Hub - Australia's most comprehensive online directory of pregnancy, baby & toddler services
Early Childhood Connections - links from Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital's Centre for Community Health
Essential Baby - a comprehensive baby and early childhood information site
Milestones (Developmental) - check your child's developmental progress
Milestones (Language) - check your child's lingual progress from ages 1 - 5
MotherInc - A gateway to information, events, and opportunities for a new generation of mothers...
Mum's the Word - Newborn baby care for new Mums and Dads
Mum's Web - website for all parenting issues and includes numerous linked discussions
Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond - an up-to-date and extensive source of information and support for pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Asthma Queensland - Information site for people affected by Asthma
Australian Breastfeeding Association - Australia's most comprehensive online directory of breastfeeding.
AustPrem - Premature Birth Support website
Australian Multiple Birth Association - website for families with twins, triplets...
North Queensland Autism Support Group - Townsville website for families of people with autism or Asperger's Syndrome
Autism Queensland - website for families of people with autism or Asperger's Syndrome
Cerebral Palsy League of Qld - Information site for people affected by Cerebral Palsy

Baby Names - Australia's most comprehensive listing of names for boys and girls
Coles Baby Club - website for the baby club of Coles
Edmark Software - a leader in the development of children's educational software - Australia's online guide to birth, pregnancy and life
Your Baby - Superior quality baby clothes and accessories for babies and toddlers
Product Recalls - Government website with listings of all product recalls
Choice - the website of the Australian Consumers Association
Food Additives - Food Standards Australia New Zealand website
Dept of Tourism, Racing & Fair Trading - Section from Queensland Government website devoted to child issues.

Parent Support Services - Townsville & Thuringowa

Support Organisation
Aboriginal & Islander Health Services
Australian Hearing Centre
Breastfeeding Support Service
Centrelink Family Assistance Office
Child Care Information Line
Child Health Services
Child Health Services (24 hour)
Child & Youth Mental Health Services
Child Support Agency
Dept. Families, Youth & Community Care
Family Help Line
Family Planning Association of Queensland
Family Support Services
IMPS (Infant Management Parenting Skills Centre)
Lifeline (Office)
Lifeline Counselling (24 hour)
Lifeline Family & Community Service
Marriage Guidance Council of Queensland
Natural Family Planning Centre
Australian Breastfeeding Association (Nursing Mothers)
Poisons Information
Post Natal Distress Support Group (24 hour)
Playgroup Association of Queensland (Townsville Area)
Pregnancy Help Townsville Inc.
Pregnancy Counselling Link
Relationships Australia Queensland
SANDS (Sudden & Neonatal Death Support Group)
Townsville & District Multiple Birth Group
Wee Care Emergency Child Care (24 hour)
Women's Community Health Centre
Women's Centre / Shelter
47 594001
47 715905
47 735844
47 727799
13 6150
1800 637 711
47 999000
1800 177 279
47 790333
13 1272
1800 811 810
1800 062 262
47 712005
47 434506
47 730390
47 799911
13 1114
47 213580
47 713780
47 799222
47 235566
13 1126
47 281911
1800 171 882
47 254633
1800 777 690
47 713780
47 746521
47 999500
47 887013
47 724499
47 282399
47 757555

Disclaimer: None of the information found from this page should be used as a substitute for medical care . . . instead, the information provided here should be used to form questions to ask of your healthcare provider and help you become a better advocate in your own care and treatment. Child's Play Association Inc. will not be held responsible for any consequences from following advice contained in these listed sites.