Why a Website?


       Because Iíve got a stack of reviews on my hard drive

This is not so much why are there reviews Ė I wrote most of them before I even thought about having a website. But since they were already there I thought I might as well publish them.


        Because I can

I had some holidays, an uncharacteristically contemporary computer, and a visiting IT guru brother who showed me that if you donít care about nice code and flashy graphics itís not that hard to do. And the web space comes with the standard ISP package.


       Itís not slides, Tupperware or Amway

That is, itís not something ugly you force on your friends where they feel obligated to respond positively to obey all the social rules youíve just broken. It gives them the opportunity to browse, study or totally ignore according to their own preference Ė websites are nice like that. Itís also a way to make my personal library more open to friends.



Just what might happen if I put some of this stuff in a potentially public forum?


       Mutually beneficial exchange of recommendations

A way for people Ďout thereí to find some authors they would enjoy but otherwise donít know about.


A way for people to recommend authors to me that I would enjoy but otherwise donít know about.



To at least give a slim chance of some positive feedback/contact from people with common interests, or who want to say something encouraging about something Iíve written. (I have written a lot to myself over the last couple of decades, much not even vaguely for publication, but there is a lot of stuff that it would be nice to have others read. Even a hint of Kundera's Graphomania.)