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ADAMS, Douglas 

  A       The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (A Trilogy in Four Pars)     1979, 1980, 1982, 1984 Humour/SF

A must read/listen to


  A       Life, The Universe and Everything (The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 3)  1982     Humour/SF

Clever, funny, original, post-modern themes


  A       Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency   1987     Humour/SF

P.G. Wodehouse meets Dr. Who: a complete pleasure


 B+      The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul   1988     Humour/SF

Somewhat surreal second ‘Dirk Gently’ novel


& Carwardine, Mark

 B+      Last Chance to See     1990     NF (Biology)

Engaging narration of endangered species and their protectors


 B+      Mostly Harmless (The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 5)           1992     Humour/SF

Enjoyable hotchpotch of action, humour, SF satire and post-modern philosophy


ADIGA, Aravind

 B        The White Tiger    2008     Novel

Able concept and writing, potent, but deeply cynical, and consistently unpleasant company


ALBOM, Mitch 

 B        Tuesdays With Morrie       1997     NF (Biography)

A nice book more than a challenging or inspiring one


ALDISS, Brian 

 B        Helliconia Spring (Part 1 of the Helliconia trilogy)       1983     SF

Two sentient pre-industrial species wax and wane with eon long seasons


 B        Helliconia Summer (Part 2 of the Helliconia trilogy)    1985     SF

Two sentient pre-industrial species wax and wane with eon long seasons


 B        Helliconia Winter (Part 3 of the Helliconia trilogy) 1989     SF

Conclusion to epic series: odd slide into technologically advanced human interference



 B        The Gnole       1991     Fantasy/SF

Inconsistent Pastoral/Supernatural/Conspiracy fantasy



 B+      Hostage     1983     Action (Spy)    

More spy psychology than action, which enhances. And from an author with some idea of what he was talking about


 B        The Judas Factor        1984     Action (Spy)

More reflective on the nature of the job and relationships than a thriller


ANDERSON, Poul     

 A-       My Object All Sublime      1961     Short Story/SF

In ‘The Giant Book of Science Fiction Stories’

Killer twist

& Karen

  A       Faith    1992     Short Story/Fantasy

In ‘After the King: Stories in Honour of J.R.R. Tolkien’

Excellent mood, a worthy tribute


 B-       Ensign Flandry     1966     SF

OK, but a bit childish with a dodgy political subtext



 B        The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night    1300s?       Fantasy/Short Stories

Constant blood, magic and sex. Diverting but very repetitive



 B        The Early Asimov, Volume 2  1940s  SF/Short Stories

Definitive magazine SF, individual stories around a novel idea


 B        I, Robot     1950     SF/Short Stories

Average characters and dialogue flesh out novel dilemmas from the ‘three laws’ of his anthropomorphic robots


 B+      Foundation (Book 1 of the Foundation trilogy)      1951     SF 

A decent idea competently realised, if a bit repetitive


 B        Foundation and Empire (Book 2 of the Foundation trilogy)          1962     SF

More episodes in the galactic history of peoples guided by a statistical seer


 A-       Second Foundation  (Book 3 of the Foundation trilogy)   1964     SF 

Dramatically the best of the series


 C        Foundation and Earth (Book 5? of what should have remained ‘The Foundation Trilogy’) 1986     SF

Overlong self-indulgent immature money-spinner


AUEL, Jean M.      

 B        The Clan of the Cave Bear      1980     SF

Epic around a Homo sapiens heroine raised by Neanderthals


AUSTEN, Jane     

 B        Mansfield Park      1814     Novel

Atypical, censorious heroine and plot, less fun than usual (apparently)