John Wyndham


Consider Her Ways and Other Stories


Less classic sci-fi, although thatís the category he seems to find himself filed in, and more Ďweird talesí - no starships or gadgetry here. I thought he may have gone a bit close to the wind - really every story is exploring the same idea, whereas most sci-fi writers donít make characters interesting enough to sustain something like that - they need a novel different idea to keep you reading. But he does pull it off, each story is individual enough.


Every story has someone go into another parallel universe, or somehow move into the same universe at a different time. Thereís absolutely no attempt at pseudo-science to justify any of this, heís more interested in what novel situations could arise. He doesnít play it for comedy or saving the world, just toys with what a little change here or there could do.


The characters are all frightfully British and talk in mannered intellectual dialogue, but the stories move well, and I canít think of anyone who quite writes like him (maybe itís a sub-genre Iím not aware of - or maybe heís original). Bradbury?


July 2002