P.G. Wodehouse


The Pothunters


Apparently the very first book he managed to get published - but a far cry from being the last! And no wonder: I won’t be surprising any of his legion of fans by mentioning that Wodehouse is wonderful. Who can turn a phrase like him? The dialogue is gorgeous. The descriptions likewise.


I think some have criticised this book because of its ‘Boy’s own’ public school style, but for me that was just an added bonus. Besides, Wodehouse never let a plot drag him too far from his all conquering wit and charming characters. Perhaps that happens a little towards the end of this story, but it’s the smallest distraction from a constantly amusing book.


I consciously went back to the start and intend to work my way through as much of his mountain of publications as possible. One handy thing about doing this is that since the royalty sun set for Pelham Grenville some time ago you can download a stack of his books gratis at Gutenberg, and his style works very nicely with dipping in and out on your PDA in queues or wherever.


May 2005