P.G. Wodehouse


A Damsel in Distress


Delightful. I actually had read the printed version not so long ago before stumbling on the eBook, but it’s not as if you read Wodehouse for the plot: it was still thoroughly enjoyable. It also is the sort of thing that really suits the handheld – grabbing a chapter here and there.


Wodehouse would have been a brilliant sit-com writer – not just for the fabulous dialogue he’d offer, but the wonderful characters, and the hilarious (what a cliché, but he actually deserves the epithet) situations he places them in – he writes great scenes (Maud hiding in George’s cab while he knocks off Belpher’s hat; Belpher trudging along in a muddy trench after Maud; Reggie off to his morning shower…).


Then again, TV would lose the way he describes a situation, which is probably his greatest comedic skill.


December 2002

(2nd Reading)