Why are there reviews?


·       Lack of Time

Largely as a result of having two children under five, I had to quit sporting and creative pursuits that required regular commitment of significant slabs of time.


My reading, however, if anything increased – reading (particularly when you’ve got a handheld) can be squeezed into nooks and crannies – it’s one of the few potentially creative leisure activities that you can start even when you know you may be interrupted at any moment. It can also be done (depending on the style) even when your brain is custard (I’m only occasionally reading to be taught or touched deeply – ‘good’ trash can sometimes really hit the spot). [1]


·       ‘Finishing’ the book

I have a habit of wanting to articulate exactly why I did or didn’t like whatever book I’ve just read – it doesn’t quite feel complete until I’ve done this. Book reviewing – particularly in the lazy, self-indulgent way I’ve done it – can be an integral part of enjoying the text (or a means of purging it).


·       Nostalgic Creativity

Reviewing was something vaguely creative where constant drone activity precluded any of the mental sort. Firing up the ol’ brain now and then for a bit of nostalgia (“Oh, yeah, that’s that thinking thing I used to do. Blimey, those were the days, eh…”).


·       A Log

It’s been a long time since I can remember and talk intelligently about all the good, bad and average books I’ve read, partly through early dementia, but largely through sheer volume. The reviews are a record, and also a reference to better enable recommendations to friends. This last does lend itself to a website.


[1] Feel free to use this as justification for dismissing any reviews of mine you don’t like: “He was probably barely functioning above vegetable IQ when he read this…”.