WAIN, John

B †††††† Comedies†††† 1990 †† Novel

Real sense of 30s England


WAKE, Nancy††††

B+ ††† The White Mouse †† 1985 †† Non-Fiction (Autobiography)

WW2 Australian woman in French resistance: amazing story, prosaic narration


WALTER, Jess††

B †††††† The ZeroNovel†† 2006

Deft enough satire ala Heller, able writing, but it didnít grip or sting me much past half-way (stock characters)


B †††††† Beautiful RuinsNovel†† 2012

Flawless integration of characters over different settings and decades, but none that particularly resonated personally


WARD, Geoffrey C.

B+ ††† The West ††††† 1996 †† Non-Fiction (History)

Fascinating illustrated individual stories in the American west since the 17th century

WATSON, Ian †††

D- †††† Space Marine (Warhammer 40 000) 1993 †† SF (Military)

Ultra SF violence with a veneer of philosophy


WEBER, David

B †††††† On Basilisk Station 1993 †† SF (Military)

Right wing colonial future war story


WEEKS, Brent††††††††

C+ ††† The Way of Shadows††† 2008 †† Fantasy

Another failed attempt to mix realism with fantasy; naÔve



B+ ††† The First Men in the Moon †††† 1901 †† SF

Ripping yarn, good characters, robust alien culture, integrated thought-provoking issues

WELSH, Irvine

D- †††† Catholic Guilt ††† 2000 †† Short Story

(in ĎSpeaking With the Angelí; Ed. Nick Hornby)

Stereotype priest slander with naughty words and obscene action. Pathetic



B+ ††† God Save the Mark 1967 †† Crime / Humour

Capable enough humourous playing with crime conventions



A††† The Once and Future King††††† 1958 †† Fantasy

††††† Best to relish 'The Sword in the Stone', and then close the book and move on


WILDE, Oscar††††

B †††††† The Canterville Ghost 1887 †† Humour

Light comedy into light ghost story



B- †††† Nobody Nowhere††† 1992 †† Autobiography

One tough story more than insight into autism



B †††††† Tailchaser's Song†††††††† 1992 †† Fantasy / Juvenile (Adolescent)

Pleasant enough derivative fare undermined by poor resolution


WILLIAMS, Walter Jon

B+ ††† Prayers on the Wind ††† 1991 †† SF

(in The Giant Book of Fantastic SF; Ed. Gardner Dozios)

Capable dramatic yarn in a largely Hindu syncretic future


WILLIS, Connie

B+ ††† Doomsday Book ††† 1997 †† SF / Historical Fiction

Two concurrent storylines: one mired in triviality and stereotype; the other powerful and affecting


B+ ††† To Say Nothing of the Dog †††† 1997 †† SF / Humour

Light comic SF. Usable Wodehouse characters and settings around passable Dr Who premise


WINTON, Tim††††

D ††††† That Eye, The Sky 1986 †† Novel

Dark, cynical, bleak



B+ ††† The Pothunters 1902 †† Humour

Not just because itís the first, but because itís good!


B- †††† A Prefect's Uncle††††††††† 1903 †† Humour

Too much detail on the cricket pitch


B- †††† Tales of St Austins1903 †† Humour

Still just one for the fans (or early 20th C. public schoolboys)


B †††††† The Gold Bat††††† 1904 †† Humour

Still aimed at contemporary schoolboys, but more cohesive


B- †††† William Tell Told Again††††† 1904 †† Humour

Able exercise


B †††††† The Head of Kay's†††††††† 1905 †† Humour

Not timeless, but a palatable authentic ride through historically interesting century old British public schools


B †††††† The White Feather†††††††† 1905 †† Humour

Pleasing, predictable early Wodehouse


B †††††† Mike and Psmith†††† 1909 (1953) †† Humour

Probably worth more but I read it too long ago to say


A- ††††† Something Fresh †† 1915 †† Humour

Postmodern Wodehouse


A††† A Damsel in Distress††† 1919 †† Humour

Delightful. Hilarious scenes and dialogue. Unparalleled narration.


B †††††† Bill the Conqueror1924 †† Humour

Probably worth more but I read it too long ago to say


B †††††† Ring for Jeeves1925 †† Humour

Probably worth more but I read it too long ago to say


B †††††† Doctor Sally†††††† 1932 †† Humour

Some nice moments, but not one of his classics and an irritating lead


B †††††† The Mating Season (Jeeves)†† 1934 †† Humour

Probably worth more but I read it too long ago to say


B †††††† Very Good, Jeeves 1947 †† Humour

Probably worth more but I read it too long ago to say


B †††††† Cocktail Time†††††††††† 1958 †† Humour

Didnít enjoy this one as much as usual


WOLFE, Gene†††††††††

C+ ††† Soldier of the Mist†† 1986 †† SF/Historical Fiction

Unusual, based around several interesting ideas but rarely gripping


A††† The Knight (Book 1 of The Wizard Knight)††††† 2004 †† Fantasy

A satisfying hero drawn from rich earlier traditions


B ††††† The Wizard (Book 2 of The Wizard Knight)†††† 2004 †† Fantasy

Too much of the same: still impressive, but less novel and gripping



B+ ††† The Day of the Triffids 1951 †† SF

Nothing like the monster/horror ride I was expecting: intelligent, thought-provoking post-apocalyptic issues


B+ ††† Consider Her Ways and Other Stories†† 1956 †† SF (Weird)/Short Stories

Able Ďweirdí tales around slips in time or parallel universe