VANCE, Jack   

 B        The Dying Earth    1950     SF/Fantasy

      Future magic more than spaceships


 B        The Star King (Demon Princes, Book 1)    1964     SF

      Too long ago, can’t remember


 B        Araminta Station (The Cadwal Chronicles, Book 1)     1988     SF

      Nice mythos, original (if arrogant) characters, some punch


 C+            Ports of Call    1998     SF

Ostentatious expression, light comic prurience and violence


VIDAL, Gore     

 B        Kalki    1978     Novel

      Hinduism and apocalypse in the US


 B+      Creation    1981     Historical Fiction

5th Century BC celebrities. Scholarly, able, but hardly a page turner


VINGE, Vernor

 B+      A Fire Upon the Deep       1992     SF

Very impressive ideas. Much of the ‘ride’ a bit dark/frustrating


VOIGT, Cynthia     

 B+      Dicey’s Song (Tillerman Series #2) 1982     Juvenile (Novel)

Capable young teen sequel to Homecoming


  A       A Solitary Blue (Tillerman Series #3)    1983     Juvenile (Novel)

Poignant and powerful without shouting. Moreso because it *doesn’t* shout


 B+      Tree By Leaf    1988     Novel

Able meditation on choice and destiny (much better job than Cherry’s Rusalka)