Emily Rodda


Finders Keepers


Given that this book was never written for grumpy old farts like myself it probably speaks in its favour that it didnít rock my world. Iíve just seen a few kids into her stuff, a few awards, and thought I might as well take a peek.


Nothing wrong with it Ė usable basic premise, appropriate humour, kidís world view. Perhaps the plaudits itís received from adults relate to the relatively subtle (compared to a lot of, ďAnd what did we learn today, kids,Ē style fiction) encouragement to be nice to your siblings, with the realistic presentation of unconscious nastiness that can go on. Well paced etc. Just not for Dadís Christmas stocking (unlike some other kidsí books that crossover a bit more Ė or donít kids like the Jungle Book any more?). Does it, however, achieve its own aims?


Dunno, ask a juvenile.


April 2005