Robert Rankin


Armageddon the Musical


Very much ‘in the style of’ Pratchett and Adams (as vaunted loudly on the cover). The plot moves in the same seemingly anarchic way, with some vaguely deeper structure, and characters talk like kings or gods or heroes are expected to, but with the same sort of casual style Pratchett gives, for example, Death. However, it’s just not as good. Particularly the lack of charm in any of the characters - I don’t like anybody. It’s a bit more condescending, definitely more seedy - in the ‘Teen bonking camp 2’ style. But perhaps the most telling thing in a deliberately comic novel is that I don’t think it made me laugh out loud once. I mean he’s competent enough, I finished the book, and as it goes by you think, “Yeah, this is comedy a bit like Pratchett,” but it never came close to getting me in.


June 2002