RANKIN, Ian    

 B-             A Good Hanging   1992     Crime/Short Stories

OK, but short form feels like you’re on fast-forward


 B+      Beggars Banquet   2002 (1990-2000)    Crime/Short Stories

Capable, interesting


RANKIN, Robert         

 D        Armageddon the Musical       1991     Humour/SF

Poor, seedy, charmless Pratchett copy


REILLY, Matthew       

 B-       Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves         2011     Action

Every action/war hero movie as text. That’s, unapologetically, it.


REMARQUE, Erich Maria          

  A       All Quiet on the Western Front     1929     War/Auto-biography

Powerful. Awful. Profound.


ROBINSON, Kim Stanley          

 A-       Red Mars   1992     SF

Impressive epic of colonisation of Mars – depth in characters, setting and plot


ROBINSON, Marilynne         

 B-       Housekeeping       1981     Novel

Well written, but cold, somewhat misanthropic atmosphere


RODDA, Emily      

 B              Finders Keepers    1990     Juvenile/SF

OK theme, ideas, execution


 A-       The Forests of Silence (Deltora Quest 1)   2000     Fantasy/Juvenile

Enjoyable straight-ahead swords and sorcery for kids



 B+      Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone      1997     Fantasy/Juvenile



 B+      Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets       1998     Fantasy/Juvenile

Still enjoyable


 B+      Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban      1999     Fantasy/Juvenile

OK ride. Morally dubious. Good series structure


 B+      Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire     2000     Fantasy/Juvenile

Fine. Dumb twist. Enticing hints of future developments


 B+      Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix    2003     Fantasy/Juvenile

Strengths just about outweigh the weaknesses.



 B        A Bitter Feast 1998     Crime

Definitely not second rate. But not quite first rate either.


 B        Ghost Hero      2011     Crime

Sum is less than its parts


RUBINSTEIN, Matt          

 B        Death of the Author    2012     Crime

Capable writing, cool idea, but the form works as much against as for the book