Arturo Perez-Reverte


The Seville Communion


Not a ‘proper’ review (I read this well before I started writing them), but an excerpt from an email I sent the mate who leant the me the book: 


“I thought it was interesting how the central character, the priest, has a traditionally female role/consequence thrust on him. Once he is seduced he loses all his power and interest - for both his reader and his seductress. A classic reversal of the male character desperately pursuing the virtuous virgin and then casting her off as soon as he's made his conquest: it was her virginity that made her interesting.

The priest himself (I've forgotten his name, I read the book a few weeks ago) seems to sense this deeply too - his celibacy was something that defined him. Once he loses it he becomes somewhat pathetic, bland, there's no longer anything 'special' about him, so all his sacrifice and dignity til now seems nothing.”


June 1999