Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Michael Flynne


Fallen Angels


I had a vague idea from somewhere* that Larry Niven was worth a look Ė after this Iím not as sure, unless I attribute the bad bits to the other authors, or assume that Nivenís name was just used to move somebody elseís material.


Some novel ideals, but based a bit on paranoia. The greens (/feminists) are evil incarnate, have taken over the government and destroyed all scientific funding with their mad fear of technology. Theyíve even brought on a new ice-age: their propaganda about the greenhouse effect has denied funding to more valid research showing that pollution is actually the only thing saving us from environmental disaster.


Itís very much a goodies and baddies world view, with scientists who like SF as the ultimate saviours, and anyone who questions them as utter fools. Thereís real immaturity in the characterisation Ė not much progression from the nerdy high school star-trek fanís view of life (and women, who are basically men with boobs).


Much self indulgence about SF fans and cons. I couldnít bring myself to finish it, mostly because of the woeful lack of insight into personality, but partly because the central task seemed hardly worth it from a general perspective, and even from that of the novel itself.


*A few months after this review I noticed/remembered that I had enjoyed some of his short stories in The Flight of the Horse, particularly What Good Is A Glass Dagger?


November 2002